Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wednesday 13th June 2018...a really lazy day!!

I think I needed a lazy quiet day and this was it..... nothing really to report!!

Over the winter Malc had recorded a series about these seven strangers who met up and hiked some of the Camino and we watched the first episode rekindled many thoughts and feelings with me and I started to look back through my blog am my journey on The is one post from 2014....

Yashi Kochi!!!

Sunday 6th July 2014....Camino Day 33!!!

This is going to be a long one so get a tea or a coffee or a glass of wine.....
No Internet on Sunday so two day's posts in one!!!
So when I left off on Saturday night I was going to watch the second soccer game starting at 10pm and I did Netherlands V Costa Rica and I was rooting for was a good game not a great game that was scoreless and then went to extra time and still no goals and it was decided on penalties and Netherlands were victorious.....I do not know how but there must be a system where the game is decided not by a save or a miss of one player it is a team game and should be played that way imagine how the CR player who missed the last penalty must feel knowing his miss cost his team, his country and his fans a place in the semi final.  I like what they do in Hockey they just keep playing till one team scores!!!

UPDATE  the Internet just connected so ignore the opening statement.
So had a good sleep but I knew after 36 hours of being a lazy Pilgrim these boots were going to be moving today and they sure were my longest walk 41km but you know what????  I feel so good!!!!

A lot of today was on pavement and then into the big city of Lugo a bit of an issue here they are mired in the middle of a garbage truck driver strike day 28 and the city is a mess just a couple of shots of the Roman wall and Cathedral!!

I was soon out of the city and when I saw this my heart stirred and I realize how much I miss my tennis ....playing that is .....
and whizzing those aces past my buddies!!!!

Then I saw this sign and just had to show off!!!

My tattoo is of a native hockey stick and the number 99   if you do not know the significance of the number 99   you are banned from the blog( player)

Some shots on the way as I past this church the service was in progress so I snook this shot from outside!

So after this shot

I walked about 2 km and came across two American girls sitting on the side of the road, Libby and Kathy.
Libby was suffering with the toe next to her pinkie on her foot and I stopped and offered to help.....she looked to be disheartened and I looked at her toe and it was swollen and obviously she had a blister there before....I offered her some of my inflammatory gel some cotton pads and suggested she may want to tape her three toes together........then I looked at my stick, thought about how I had been given the gift of it and how much I enjoy it and the plans I had for it in Santiago and then I looked at Libby and gave her my stick!!!  Doris may not have raised the brightest crayon in the box but she did raise a gentleman.....Libby thanked me so much and I carried on.

I was really in the rural areas and saw no hotels or Pensions but I did come across this private hostel

and after 41km it was perfect for me......14 euros which includes is very clean and I picked the bunk on top furthest away in the corner

12 beds and 7 are taken and I have interviewed each pilgrim in the room and none of them confess to snoring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did the laundry and this time they will sun dry....

had my tea and then relaxed in the sun it was lovely.
Then who comes into the court yard but the two girls and with my stick!!!!

look what Libby did to it!!!!

She hugged me and thanked me so much saying her foot was so much better they just stopped here for some drinks and were going another 5 km to a cheaper hostel...I told her to wait a minute and again felt wonderful about being able to help someone and gave her some cotton pads and the rest of my Epsom salts and told her when she gets to the hostel to soak her feet in cold water with the salt...another hug and she asked for my e mail address and promised me she had plans to pass forward my stick!!!!   Then they left!!!

I asked the owner if his wife would prepare me an omelette and at 8pm here I am!!!

So going to post this do some more planning after seeing this sign!!!

Can you believe it almost there.
I now know I can be in Santiago late Wednesday afternoon so I have contacted the lady who owns the apartment where I have booked to see if it is available on Wednesday!!!
Things I learned today.
Passing forward is a huge blessing.
My legs are great and faithful!!!
I miss my friends, well the nice ones that is!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Dee Tillotson said...

Les, you also should see the movie made in 2010 named "The Way" starring Martin Sheen. It is also about the Camino. Will not tell you too much as that will spoil your enjoyment of the movie, but it is well done, and I got a little teary eyed.

mexicokid said...

Yes I did see it before I left to walk the Camino..this series I started watching last night is really good best wishes les

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