Saturday, June 09, 2018

Saturday 9th June 2018.."a bit of everything!!!

So today is my last full day in the Lake District and it looks like another sunny hot day, read on......

After breakfast I took Ozzie for another walk and then packed up and drove to my hiking place...I had picked a hike that first went through some waterfalls and then a steep climb so come join me....

The path at first was wide and even with some nice waterfalls views of course without rain they are not so wild right now....

It was up a gentle slope until I got to the turn off for the really steep climb

....I do feel a lot better more energy and not couching so much...

Keep looking back for great views..

I think it was about 50 minutes to reach the summit and my birthday gift from Sam and Ian proves it..

.....Claire, Mark and Tom your gifted shirt I am saving for a soccer game!!

Views from the top

My Dad used to do this all the time he was an avid hiker and he always took photos nor his back pack!!

You can see the ☁️ clouds coming in and it sure felt like it was going to ☔️ 

The return was a steep incline but glad I had the pole and I literally got to the bottom of the mountain when the heavens opened and it this time I was just hiking in shorts and I stayed that way the 15 minutes back to the car.

I know how fast the conditions can change and how cold it can get and glad I had a towel and a complete change of clothes and went into the bathroom at the car park and got changed.

Views at the base...

It was about a twenty minute drive back to Cockermouth and by the time I got there it was hot and sunny and I do not think they had any I took some time to walk around the town

 and then visited this very famous house...

Whilst I was there a woman dressed in period costume gave a speech on what life was like in the 1700’s for the rich, working class and the poor it was very interesting.

I was passing the pub where I had watched the soccer game on Thursday night and realized that the Women’s tennis final was being played so I popped in and watched that.

Came home and sat out in the garden with my book....

Janet is feeling a little better each day which is good news and Malc is enjoying his band tour in Belgium!!

My visit here has been a really spectacular trip because of great accommodations and a kind land lady, Janet for lending me Little Jan, incredible weather and the health to get up those peaks!!

Tomorrow I leave and have about a two hour drive to visit my lovely friend June, who I met on my New Zealand cruise four years ago...I last saw her two years will only be a short visit two days but look forward to catching up with her life.

Yashi Kochi!!!

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