Sunday, June 03, 2018

Sunday 3rd June 2018.....Our Mally!!!!

Malcolm is my slightly older Brother and it is about time I wrote about him!!!!

This was taken on my last trip home almost 18 months ago bringing me tea in bed I have not had that service yet!!

We grew up in a Christian home environment and our parents were both very supportive of our sporting endeavours.....Malc was the most talented on the soccer and cricket fields but I think I was the more fiery competitor...our Dad was a a huge fan and came to all our games and Mum was always there with great feedback and encouragement...

There is four years between up and he was my hero growing up......I watched Malc finish school and start a job in the same company as our Dad and saw him marry that lovely lass Janet......saw him rise up the ranks in the insurance business...raise three wonderful children and this is where Malc excelled as a Dad!!!

Not having any children of my own I can only imagine the issues and joys of raising a kid but to be working full time supporting a family and bringing up three young children must have been a great challenge but one he rose up to!!!

Throughout his life he has been a fully serving member of the Salvation Army and believe me when I say the church here in his home town would not be the same without Malc doing the many unrewarding jobs behind the scenes...nothing is too much trouble for him and talk about going the extra mile..this man has done a marathon!!!

This was a fun trip Janet and Malc praying that Sam would steer the boat away from the rocks!!!

Malc and I do not see each other often as I have lived on the other side of the pond for nearly 40 years but our bond and friendship remains strong today as ever......

I will admit I tease him incessantly and I know he wishes that I would sometimes leave him alone but it is done in love and out of respect.....

Not ashamed to say I am proud to be your Brother...I love you!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Wow! That is nice.

mexicokid said...

Thank you lp

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