Thursday, June 07, 2018

Thursday 7th June 2018...another wonderful hike!!!

Another wonderful sunny morning and although I am a bit sore from yesterday’s hike up the step like mountain I have decided do another hike today.

On the way to the starting point stopped here with my muffin and orange juice 

I found the start of the hike to Angle Tarn and this I where I am heading...

This was a bit easier than yesterday as it is a flat path although up hill....with spectacular views

Anotherbhiker at the start of the trail..

Up I go...

 looking back!!

I could feel that I was not feeling great still coughing and short of breath and after about 75 minutes I decided to take a break ..I had seen no one on the trail and I really felt tired and weak......a few minutes later a young lady came down the trail and she told me I only had about another ten minutes to get to the summit and that was the inspiration I needed...

Back up and made it to the top and boy was it worth it...

Spectacular views!!!!

Had my lunch and then a sleep, yes a đź’¤ was blistering hot and I felt rested when I woke up..

The return was easy especially as I had borrowed my land ladies trekking pole.....views on the way down..

So it was about five miles with an elevation gain of 1500 feet and a real good work out but I have already decided no hiking tomorrow.

I did not mention it before but Janet got quite sick last Monday think she picked up a bug on the flight back from Malta anyway she had a really bad cold and went to the doctor who sent her to the hospital where she had a battery of tests and was told she has a mild case of pneumonia and was later sent home.

Her and Malc were to leave today for five days in Belgium for a brass band tour but very wisely she had decided not to go and urged Malc to still go which he did.

I talked to Janet tonight and she is feeling slightly better with the medication so that is great news!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

I guess it's time for a day of R&R, maybe you need hiking poles to propel you along the upward parts of a hike. Stunning views and wonderful pictures.

mexicokid said...

Yes I used a pole yesterday and the scenery is quite simply beautiful cheers lp

Dee Tillotson said...

Hope Janet and you feel better. I'm sure Janet has the children nearby to look in on her, so not to worry. Good that she saw the doctor. I see Roger Sheep has become your best buddy or is he a different sheep.

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