Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Wednesday 5th April 2017...swim, poker, class....all great!!!!

I treated myself to a morning at the hot springs..I have not been to this one before and it was lovely with three cave springs one of which had a really powerful waterfall you could stand under...enjoy the photos!!

I really enjoyed my time was back home in time to pack a little lunch and head off to my last poker game...I have really had fun at these Wednesday meetings for years but sadly my last game saw me in the loss column for 75 pesos!!!!

After poker home to relax and start some packing before getting spruced up and off to town to a small fish restaurant where I had made reservations and was conducting my last English class...I also invited Maggie and Giff and Rhonnie all teachers who have been involved with the students.  I also contacted a couple of my students from previous years and I was thrilled there were 26 of us...what a fun and humbling evening to see students from 3 years ago, 2 years ago and today's was a night I shall never forget..thanks Maggie and Giff for paying for the drinks I treated everyone to dinner.....I was unexpectedly presented with some lovely keepsake gifts and it was a fun fantastic evening!!!!!

This was a special day I am such a lucky guy!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Shelagh and I spent many hours on that roof top. A great place to enjoy some fish tacos.

mexicokid said...

yes it is a local and friendly place,,Les

Write up for photos in below post

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