Sunday, April 09, 2017

Sunday 9th April 2017...Day 1!!!

I was on the road by 6 am it was just a little bit dark so i drove very carefully till the sun came up....mixed feelings driving away from town and lots of time to think on my future plans.....Little Bluey had lots of space inside and she handles really well.
After about 45 minutes I encountered something I haven't before in mexico FOG!!!

Soon it cleared
and then blue skies the rest of the way!!
This was bizarre......I came across this Police vehicle and for about 20 km he drove straddling the center line of the two lane highway going way below the speed limit and of cause no one passed him and then he suddenly pulled onto the shoulder and waved the what was now a long line of vehicles past him...go figure!!!
After Saltillo I was into the mountains but all the driving was on two lane highways and surprisingly enough very few toll roads!!

Really and uneventful drive..I had lots to drink and had good music and of course thinking time....I stopped at a town called Allende before the border to turn in mt vehicle is a long and complicated story which I will not bore you with but the short version is they told me I did not turn in the permit back in 2014 and I have now lost my deposit of about 175 dollars there was no point arguing the matter the good news is that all the history on the car is cleared so now when I come back I will enter on a 180 day tourist permit and get the same permit for my car...I needed to cancel the one I had so that was very important!!!

About a 15 minute wait at the border just a couple of questions real easy and no search and then I was in the good old US of A!!!!

I booked a Motel 6 in Del Rio Texas....I have not stayed with this chain before but I am very impressed a good location very clean and modern room, good facilities and all for 39 US dollars!!!

The drive today was 13 hours and 1095 km a long one yes but I enjoy the open road.....
I have another equally long drive tomorrow but on the Interstate and should be in Tucson tomorrow later afternoon....stay tuned!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

I sure hope you get out of the car for a few walk abouts every few hours! Blood clots are no fun. Glad you had a good and safe drive.
Cheers, Shelagh

mexicokid said...

yes I am a hold hand at this and it was easy but thanks for the concern blessings L

Friday 20th July 2018......Friday again?????

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