Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday 25th April 2017...Day 16!!!!

So this morning I get up go to the kitchen get out a bowl put some sliced peaches in, get out my granola and put some on the peaches and then got out the yogurt container when Heather came in the kitchen asking what I was doing.....and then she told me that I was supposed to be fasting for my blood test work......I had completely forgot so the peaches went back in to the fridge and I remained hungry!!!!

After doing a few chores I went to the clinic armed with my book as I knew I would have to wait and I did about 30 minutes....and within 2 minutes I was finished!!!!

I then drove down town and took some local photos....this is looking across the harbor towards Vancouver and the mountains!!!

Before I moved to mexico I lived in this town for almost 20 years and I was involved in quite a few projects and associations and a few years ago the town decided to recognize my contributions and efforts for the town with this small park close to down town!!!!  Not many people have a park named after them!!!!

This river is virtually right down town!!!
Spring colors!!!!
This is the restaurant where I spent 14 years before I retired in December of 2006!!!!!
I met up with Karen and she took me shopping for a few clothes my dress sense is non existent!!!
I like the things she picked out for me!!!

Next it was to the local library where I had booked a free 30 minute tech help and the kind assistant showed me how to download e books from the library on to my Kobo...it is virtually like walking into the library and I can access it from anywhere in the world....

When I finally got home Heather had a surprise for me...yes a load of bark mulch!!!!  Just what every guy hopes for!!!
The before photo
The after photo
I cannot take any credit Heather as you see her above did all of this I just loaded a few wheel barrows for her...because......I was mowing the front and huge back lawn!!!!
You see what happens when there is no hockey on TV a man works!!!!

Thank goodness the games resume tomorrow!!!!

Oh by the way  anyone who believed what I wrote(That means you Linda) about the Pearson Park being named after me...I have a bridge in Florida I would like to sell you!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Carol said...

So is it Groundhog Day (the movie)??? Monday and Tuesday are both called Day 16!!! :)

mexicokid said...

oopps I could lie and say it was a deliberate mistake and you win the prize BUT!!!!!! Hope you are doing well blessings L

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

So you were kidding about the park... But surely that airport near Toronto is named after you!!!

mexicokid said...

of course it is he was my grand father.........

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