Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday 16th April 2017.....Day 8!!!

My first sleep was a good one and it was lovely to lay in bed and see the morning started at 8 am watching the big screen TV and a live English soccer game which was only interrupted by Heather fixing me a wonderful cooked breakfast I am sure this treatment will not continue but I am savoring every moment!!!

By 10 am it was time to get serious and both Heather and Kirby are having the rear steps replaced and painting was the task today!!!

My bedroom view!!!

 Danger artist at work!!!!!

In total I painted 30 of these!!!!

The front view of the house so pretty!!!!

I then took Boomer for a long walk he is a good dog and walks well on the leash!!

This evening we were all invited to the next door neighbors for dinner we have all been friends for many years and I am all cleaned up
 and my plate looks fit for a King!!!

 Lots of boys in this shot!!!

Ben   Ross Stevie   Kirby   Alex   yours truly   and Eddi!!!!

It was a wonderful meal and a really nice evening thank you so much!!!!

So ends the first day back in Canada the forecast is not great for this week but I will deal with that...hope your Easter Sunday was a good one!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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