Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday 26th April 2017...Day 18!!!!

Lovely sunny but cool morning and today I drove Heather down to the airport in Victoria for her flight to Denver for her to watch her son Zach compete in the huge Pac 12 golf tournament......unfortunately the weather forecast there is calling for about 7 inches of snow on Friday so we have to see what develops!!!

The drive takes about 2 hours over a beautiful mountain pass here is one quick shot!!!

I dropped Heather off at the departure gate and then started to drive back stopping at a lovely Provincial Park called Goldstream Park...there is a little know but lovely waterfall in this park maybe 200 yards off the busy highway that not too many people know about.
I parked and walked through this tunnel...

Along this path...
and to the base of these majestic falls!!!!

Just a great waterfall...

There is a steep trail which I followed up to the old abandoned railway trestle..
A magnificent feat of engineering!!!

I like this shot looking through the girders!!!
Watch out Larry no rails on this bridge!!!
A steep drop!!

As you can see it was a lovely sunny day not too warm but still nice!!

Back at the car I drove to the next town of Duncan where my friend Sara lives today is her birthday and I have not seen her since she was in San I stopped by and took her to lunch, Happy Birthday!!
On the way home I picked up Boomer from the kennel he was really happy to see is just the two of us till Sunday...

Had a nice light dinner and the world is as it should be with a hockey game on tonight and my team Edmonton won in a great match up with Anaheim...go OILERS!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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