Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday 20th April 2017...Day 12!!!

It was not raining this morning so managed to get another coat of the steps looks like a production line out there!!!

Then the rain started and I went through some of my a kid before I could even walk my parents got me soccer boots and a tennis racket and both those sports have played an integral part of my life...I have toured Canada and The USA playing soccer and I like to believe that if the English soccer Academies had been around in my day I might repeat might have an opportunity to pursue soccer as a career......I have always loved tennis too.
When I reached a certain age about 50 something I finally realized that my playing days were over and I swapped the soccer shirt for a Referee's shirt... I took all the courses and found that I so enjoyed reffing and quickly moved up the ranks till I was officiating Collegiate games in many British Columbia cities but I also went all over Washington State doing games as well......

About 6 years ago before I moved to Mexico I was reffing a game on salt Spring Island and I thought to myself this will be my last game reffing I felt it was time to stop and I wanted to go out on my terms and I did just that.

As you know i continue to play tennis as often as I can and both sports have provided me with untold joy!!!!

So this morning I was going through my stuff and I found my Referee's bag it was complete with everything from shirts to flags to cards the whole 9 yards....

These are the shirts I used to wear!!!
On Saturday when the soccer games are played on the local fields I will find a young referee who is in need of some great uniforms and kit and give them to him or her!!!!!!
Then it was time to get on my poker face!!!
Head out to the pub where we were having dinner before the game..on arrival there were only 4 of us the other three guys had to not enough for a game but we had dinner and a chat but I was disappointed I was looking forward to the game and making some money.

Came home and watching a thrilling hockey game that went into overtime and my favorite Team Edmonton won!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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