Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday 15th April 2017...Day 7!!!

So the big travel day today and I had Little Bluey all packed and ready to go and went to Teri's house by 8.15 am where Little Bluey is staying till I get back at the end of May...Teri is kindly letting me park her there and apparently it is necessary to have a small light shining under the car every night otherwise a rat like animal will eat away at the wires.

Linda arrived and the three of us set off for the airport....I said my good byes and thank you's and was at the check in counter by 9.15 am perfect timing!!!

At security I placed my lap top and shoes in the tray put my carry on suit case through the machine and when I went through the machine I was fine but my suitcase not was in the further inspection side of the agent approached me and asked if it was my bag and then he said do you have any explosive type materials in there...I know better than to give a smart alec remark and I said No sir.....he told me that the alarm had gone off and he was going to inspect my bag.....I had packed up some lovely roast beef sandwiches from the pot roast Linda had made a few days before and wrapped them in tin foil and put them in a small cooler bag in my suitcase and this what had caught the attention of the possible explosive roast beef sandwiches!!!

He asked me what was in the tin foil and I told him and he took them away to another machine and when he came back he told me they were fine put them back in my bag and thanked me for being patient and I just smiled and said thank you for your diligence...I could just have imagined the headlines..."Canadian senior arrested at Tucson airport with two exploding roast beef sandwiches"!!!!!!

The flight was about 25 minutes to Phoenix...

I do believe this is an authentic crop circle!!!

I had a two hour layover in Phoenix which went by quickly and the three hour flight to Vancouver was an easy time...

Welcome home!!!
 Another short layover before I boarded the "Most expensive flight I have ever taken" plane!!!
I had a window seat and some of these shots are not so bad!!

 I like the ones below..

 The flight was only 13 minutes!!!!
Nanaimo was my home since 1993 until I moved to Mexico!!
 Heather was there to greet me smiling as always and soon we were bedroom
 The view from my window hard to see but the mountains in Vancouver and the ocean!!!
 Heather and Kirby doing the usual Canadian pastime at this time of the year watching hockey!!!
 Cannot tell here but fun to actually see the puck on the 60 inch TV screen!!!
 Heather always decorates when I arrive!!
 and my buddy Boomer he and I will have lots of walks together..
So amazing in 10 hours where you can get to.....lovely to be back at home here in Nanaimo!!!!

Happy Easter Sunday to all my readers!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Welcome back, enjoy the sunshine.

mexicokid said...

just for today I understand thanks L

Croft said...

"The most expensive flight I have ever taken" comment needs some clarification. Something to do with the mysteriously missing suitcase you are trying to replace?

mexicokid said...

no to do with air canada quoting their fares in US dollars!!!!!!

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