Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday 14th April 2017...Day 6!!!

My last full day in Tucson and I thought it fitting to end on another wonderful hike..I would offer another FREE Pearson guided hike but I received absolutely no money in tips from my one two days ago so I am going on my own!!!!!!

I decided on the 6 mile return hike toRomero Canyon and pools......
Going up there somewhere and I think this shot is post card material!!

I also like this shot..
The first part of the trail is flat and that it goes the three mile to the pools I gained almost 1000 feet!!!  Did I mention it was also very hot!!!
All the effort worth while and hard to imagine in the middle of the desert without any rain for weeks you would find these lovely cold pools!!!!!

Below was my view whilst I had lunch!!

This camera is acting up again no idea how this shot got on the disc it may be the extreme heat I must get it checked when I get to Nanaimo!!!!
The following shots are on the way down!!

I just like this one below!!

Something a little different...
A great way to spend some hours and I am blessed that I can manage these hard hikes without any discomfort!!!!

On the way back home I stopped at my favorite store!!!

Later in the afternoon I went to Linda's and we both did laps in this gorgeous pool!!!
I then treated Linda to dinner we went to a wonderful Chines Buffet restaurant!!!!

Thanks Linda for everything this week you are such a special lady!!!

So the plan is tomorrow to take Little Bluey to Teri's house where she will rest till I come back on the 28th May and then Linda and Teri are driving me to the airport!!!

I have a dilemma and I think it only right that my readers should read about it and then vote on what I should do!!!

I booked my flights about 2 months ago and got a great deal flying from Tucson to Vancouver return for around 380 Canadian flight tomorrow gets into Vancouver at 4.45 pm but then I have to get to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island..normally i take the float plane which takes 15 minutes but the last float plane leaves at 5.30 pm so that would mean me getting off the plane on time getting through customs quickly(no chance) and then getting the shuttle out to the float plane there is just no way.

My nest option is after customs get on the sky train into down town Vancouver walk to the bus station and take a bus out to the ferry terminal for a 7 pm ferry to the Island....this also is going to be so tight especially on a Saturday of a holiday weekend..if I miss the 7 pm ferry the next one is not till 9.30 pm and it takes almost 2 hours of the ferry.

So I spoke to Heather yesterday and she suggested I look into fares to take the small plane from Vancouver to i checked and there was a flight leaving Vancouver at 7 pm.....perfect timing so I looked at the cost and almost fell out of my chair but then i thought you know this is one of the times where I just do I booked it......IMAGINE my surprise this morning when I checked my bank statement the cost of the fare was way higher that what I had booked!!!! AND I mean way I go back to my booking which is with Air Canada on their Canadian website and lo and behold I look at the small fine print where it says all prices quoted are in US dollars.....well us Canadians know how terrible the exchange rate is......nothing I can do now except this is the voting question......all those who think I should just pay and accept it vote now!!!

All those who think Heather should pay the fare for giving me the suggestion!!!  Vote now!!!

I am too embarrassed to tell you how much it cost but when I say it was an arm and a leg and a foot and a thigh and a shoulder.....and the kitchen sink and the whole 9 yards..get my drift!!!

So this time tomorrow my blog will be from Canada...

I wish you all a wonderful Saturday!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

It's all Heather's fault! She should pay. Nice little problem you have with your camera...

Dee Tillotson said...

Cancel the plane. That is ridiculous to charge a Canadian fare in USD. Choose option 2; so what, if you miss the first ferry; cool your heels and read a good book until the second ferry arrives.

mexicokid said...

Thanks Peter I agree with you...sorry Dee it will be my birthday present to myself and I shall savor every 21 minutes of it cheers L

Dee Tillotson said...

Les, I forgot that it is still cold weather up there; no, I would not sit around in cold weather while reading a book. You made the right choice.

mexicokid said...

thanks it all worked really well and now i just have to eat beans for a few weeks cheers L

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