Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday 13th April 2017...Day 5 !!!!

Linda and i took a little road trip this morning to....

Linda and Guy used to come here when they were dating in college almost(I am afraid to write how many years ) a couple of years ago....
It took just an hour in the car and was a scenic journey but the small town was like a ghost town....apparently their main business is tourism but most of the snow birds left last week so the street and stores were very quiet...

Being close to the border lots of Mexican knick knacks!!!
This is main street at rush hour!!!!
We had a nice walk around town and then decided to come back to Tucson to have a late lunch which was a really delicious meal.....

Back at Linda's condo I went for a long swim and sat by the pool and watched some of a hockey game on the big screen!!

This evening we went to watch one of Linda's grandsons play baseball!!!

Here is 7 year old Tristan warming up!!!
What a lovely back drop for a baseball stadium!!!
Tristain's brother 5 year old Taylor playing with his cars!!

Way to go number 7 it was fun to see him and watch all the kids playing the game the way it should be played for fun and enjoyment!!!!
So another full day and now tea and yes another hockey play off game on TV!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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