Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wednesday 12th April 2017...Day 4!!!

Well you lucky readers you get to share one of the now world famous and totally free Pearson guided hikes!!!!

So pack up some water, food and sunscreen and away we go and it is a good job we got here by 8 am as the temperature is supposed to get up to 90 degrees later on.........

History of Sabino Canyon

Sabino Canyon’s history is as diverse as it is fascinating. The Santa Catalina mountain range began its formation over 12 million years ago, 7 million years before the earliest known human being walked the face of the earth. In around 5 million B.C., the mountains ceased formation around the Tucson area, setting the stage for future ecological action. Plant life first appeared between 6,000 and 8,000 years ago, and some of the earliest predominant human occupants of Sabino Canyon were the Hohokam people.
An earthquake centered in northern Mexico in 1887 dislodged an array of massive boulders lining the canyon walls, which crashed down and came to rest in the valley below. In 1905, the Forest Service was first created and began overseeing Sabino Canyon and during the Great Depression, the bridges over Sabino Creek and the Sabino Dam were constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and Civilian Conservation Corporation (CCC).

Going to hike the Seven Falls trail..
There are 2 ways to get to the trail head the easy and expensive way is by this tram which costs 4 dollars..
then there is the Pearson walk!!!
Going some where up there!!!

he looks quite friendly......
A beautiful trail up the mountain..
At this point a lady coming the opposite way stopped me and asked if I wanted to see a frog so I said sure and she took me off the track to this rock..
You have to look very closely at the rock but there is a frog in the shot below!!
Great vistas!!!

After almost 2 hours my first sight of the bottom pool....
Hard to see but the falls are flowing down the middle and obviously there are 7 falls!!

Who would expect to see this guy all the way up there??
Lots of people at the bottom pool so I climbed up higher to the third pool..
I have no idea how this shot got here my camera acting up again I will have to get it checked!!!

One of the falls...

This is where I had my lunch!!

Cactus flower!!
It was a great hike the app called Tracks is a great way to see your distance altitude and maps sorry the shot is not clear....I hiked 9 miles!!!
As usual because the tour was free tips or propina are accepted in the cup!!

 At 6 pm I met Linda at one of her favorite restaurants she likes it because the food here is always good and also because...
 I could not resist the chicken fried steak!!!
 the happy couple!!!
 I liked this saying on one of the walls!!
I was home in time to watch the last period of a hockey game!!!

I great day!!!

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Rick said...

No need to get your camera checked, it knows what it's doing!

Write up for photos in below post

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