Sunday, April 02, 2017

Sunday 2nd April 2017..the slam!!!!

well the day for the big tennis event has arrived..this is maybe my 5th event and they are always well received and a lot of fun.......

Supposed to be 12 players but 2 had to drop out last minute so we were ten 5 women and men,.....there was a prize for the best dressed...
Yes that is me and no I cannot win my own competition  so Susan in the middle of the photo won!!!

 we drew for partners and away we went..round robin everyone played every other team and the two tops teams played the final which was well and truly heckled by everyone else!!!

Loads of fun, the occasional good shot, maybe a swear word or two and the threat of a thrown racket!!!

A great day followed by a few of us getting together for dinner at
Hecho's restaurant...I shall miss these wonderful girls and boys!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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