Saturday, July 02, 2016

Saturday 2nd July 2016.......still not used to writing July!!!

I have a new friend!!!!! Janet has kindly offered to put me on her insurance for her car and to borrow it when she is not using it, how nice......Malc's and their kid's affectionate name for Janet is Janice so I would like you to meet Little Janice!!!!

The town today was celebrating Cottingham Day and the streets were lined and everyone having fun..

Malc is a member of Rotary International and they were helping with the blood pressure clinic
I was tested and had 138 over 72 which I think is pretty good!!

I like the old Butcher's wagon!!
After seeing the events I went on my usual 6 km walk through the village and into the country and spotted this little guy!!

Then onto a small path through the Farmer's fields..

and the corn fields
over the fence
and the railway line
Past one of the biggest RV and Caravan manufacturers in the country
By these lovely animals
and back into the village and home....the walk takes me just over one hour and I enjoy it all.

Came home and got the computer out and made some travel plans.....I booked a train and a plane to get me to Belfast later this month and then into Ireland to do a three week house sit and then I booked a flight from there into Glasgow, Scotland...but more on that in the weeks to come!!
Janet and I watched some tennis including a huge upset of the number one seed one saw that coming.
Malc and Janet are still members of the Salvation Army where we were raised but he also plays in a small private band and tonight they were giving a concert in a town about 35 minutes drive away...he went off at 2.00 pm to get to rehearsals and Janet and I went to the concert but before we stopped and had dinner in this wonderful fish and chip restaurant.....
The concert program..

 This is Ian the band's conductor and he is also my childhood best friend....we grew up together playing in the band and playing football and maybe chasing a few was great to see him and his wife Margaret again later in the week I will go over and have a visit with them...
Malc plays a Cornet which is a smaller version of a trumpet..
I must say it was a really great concert, very well performed Ian was a good MC and conductor and Janet and I and the rest of the about 150 people had a special time and the best part it was a charity concert for a small cancer clinic and their nurses!!!
We arrived home in time to watch the extra time and penalty shoot out of the German's win over Italy in the European soccer match!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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