Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thursday 14th July 2016.....more posts from bygone years!!!

A long road trip!!!

Wednesday 26th September 2012…a long but good day!!!!

I was on the road by 7am and the first hour was on the Interstate as soon as I entered
I just love driving Yaretzi she is zippy, great to handle and I even get to pass my old mode of transportation!!!
I stopped at this scenic overview in Twin Falls, very beautiful….
I forget to mention yesterday that even after the fuse the GPS would still not work in the plug in so I saw a VW dealership in Twin Falls and I stopped.
I explained what had happened and the service manager was very helpful and he took the GPS and confirmed that it was OK then he sent one of his mechanics out to look at the fuses and it took him 1 minute to realize that the chart numbering the fuses and the slots they were in did not match…he did find one fuse that was not working so he put a new fuse in the slot and BINGO….it worked.
I thanked him so much went inside to pay and asked the service manager how much and he smiled put his hand out to shake and told me to have a wonderful trip!!!!!  What service!!!!  I gave the mechanic 10 dollars and went away a happy man….now I shall not get lost with GPS!!!
I was soon on Highway 93 which is sometimes described as the loneliest road in America!!!
Soon I was in ..
and time for lunch!!!
The road is so quiet there is time to get out and take this
Very scenic…
It is a real pleasure to drive Yaretzi and I shall get to Tucson paying the cost of gas that it would have cost me for one fill up in Ramona, so real happy about that.
I entered the county of Las Vegas at 7pm and it was time to call it a day…I drove 1065km but it was easy driving with lots of stops, drinks and of course my Mexican cruise control…..I am in Denny’s having dinner and writing this then I will go across the street to MacDonald’s and post it and there is a small motel down the street so I shall head there for the night!!!
Should easily be in Tucson late tomorrow afternoon!!!!

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