Friday, July 08, 2016

Friday 8th July 2016...please meet more of my family!!!!!

This morning Janet and I took a one hour road trip to have tea with my cousin Shelia and her husband Peter and their Grand daughter Charly!!!!!
They live just outside of Doncaster the town where I was born and Shelia's Mum Connie and my Mum were not only sisters but best of friends.......Shelia is much older than me(one week) and we always enjoy our get togethers... and glad that Janet could ride along today too....

Please do not ask why I have that gormless look on my face!!!
We had a great visit and on the way home I spotted this fabulous poppy field!!!!

We were home in time to learn that Malc's  regular Friday morning golf game had been cancelled because of rain and instead he stayed home and wait for it.....did house cleaning!!!  What a guy but he did go on a bit informing Janet and me at least 5 times he had also cleaned the blinds!!!

There is a tennis club in the village and I have stopped by a few times but never anyone there but J & M know the club secretary and Janet called him and I was invited to the club this afternoon

 I was given a temporary membership for 20 pounds about 35 dollars for all the time I will be in England and I played 5 good sets of tennis, lovely people very friendly and a good standard of tennis.
The men play in a league and Sunday is their last match and I was invited to join the 4 man team on Sunday afternoon and of course I said yes and thank you and now look forward to a match game on Sunday and I hope I play better that the last time  I was involved in a match at the BC senior games last summer!!!

I was home in time to watch the men's semi finals at Wimbledon and sorry my Roger was eliminated and now an England V Canada men's final a pity I cannot watch but I shall be playing tennis at that time.

A quiet evening at home with J & M..they along with Sam and Darren are leaving for London tomorrow morning and staying the night they are going to attend Janet's nephew's commission as a Salvation Army will be a lovely weekend and good for them to have some time away (from me)!!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!!!

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