Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday 11th July 2016.....time for a change!!!

I have figured out you are getting a bit weary reading about my antics of watching soccer, tennis, seeing photos of plates and food and my naked body in the bath tub.....SO...for a few days I am going to re post the blog from days gone by and here is the first...Enjoy!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

This is one of those you really had to be there stories…..Last night I decided to park Ramona where I had the night before in Beban Park and I parked way back in the lot and went to sleep peacefully about midnight. Slept like a baby till 7.45am and woke up, lifted up the shades and I couldn’t believe what I saw outside…..SNOW!!!!!!!!! Not just a few flakes I am talking here mega storm and at least 14 inches of snow on the ground. I could not believe it.

What to do now…..the first thing I thought was to pull in the slide and get the engine going and Ramona out of this nasty parking lot. Of course the slide would not retract because of the huge amount of snow on top of the awning. Here I have to back track a little when I left in November I took my life jacket and the paddles from my kayak as I had hoped to buy an inflatable kayak but never did, so the paddles were inside the motor home.

Now Ramona’s windshield was covered solid in snow, too much for the wipers to pull off so here I am 8o’clock in the morning sat in the drivers seat with the window open me leaning out of the window with the kayak oar in my hands bent over forwards trying to get the snow off the windshield.

I then decided that I had to get Ramona out of here and needed help. So with my croc shoes and long socks and shorts and a jacket I walked through almost waist high snow to the public facility at the park complex to use the phone. Who am I going to call I need a snow shovel and a step ladder to reach the awning to get the snow off. One person who I called, who shall remain nameless ( you know who you are!!!) was on the phone for like 3 hours!!!!! The other person who I called (and you know who you are) is now off my Christmas card list, couldn’t help.

So I said to my self you are a Pearson Boy figure something out, so I did. I found the arena workman and asked if he had a stepladder I could borrow and he had. So I go back across the field again with the stepladder. I get to Ramona put up the stepladder and with my kayak paddle I am taking the snow off the top of the awning. Half way through I had to stop and get off the ladder because I was laughing so hard!!!If anybody could have seen me, priceless there I was in this snow-covered parking lot dressed in shorts, long socks, crocs up a ladder with a paddle getting snow off the roof!!!!!! I honestly thought that I would be using the kayak oar in some remote paradise infested waters not scraping snow in Nanaimo!!!!!! Too funny!!!

This took me about two minutes then I got in started up Ramona thinking she is never going to get out through this amount of snow but just like my trip away she went drove through the snow like a knife through butter and out onto the road, the adventure coming to an end. What a way to start a day!!

Good news is that in being home only 24 hours I have found a really great basement suite to rent, just fabulous!!!!! I have found a car to buy as well. I move into my new place tomorrow and life is just so good!!!!

So I wanted to share all of this excitement with you and let you know that all is well. I have enjoyed connecting with some of my friends already and they are so wonderful offers of dinners and vehicles and good friendship, I am so blessed.

Wish you all a great weekend, blessings from snowy Nanaimo!!

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Kevin Read said...

Yikes...motorhomes and snow do not go well together!

living.boondockingmexico said...

The flakes of snow. What a surprise unlike a hard rain. You slept well that night though! Happened to us last year in Durango. Left Mazatlan, woke up the next morning in the mountains of Durango at -9C. Everything covered in white. Good memories though. Always good to go back and see what we did.

Carol said...

What a surprise!! Reminds me of many, many, many years living in the rocky mtns!! Which 8s why I'm in MX!!!

mexicokid said...

i will never forget that night and how cold my feet were thanks les

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