Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday 15th July 2016...another one of those special days from the past!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday 19th March 2013…Day 6!!!

It is your lucky day!!!!!
It has been ages since the last Pearson FREE escorted tour so about time so remember the rules, no charge but gratuities are accepted. you have to have a coffee or a tea and be sitting on the couch…OK??
So let us get going!!!!
Up at 7am and decision time I was going to travel the 80 km to San Ignacio the second of the lagoons where the whales come but the choice was what do I do when I get there.  from the guide books I have read the lagoon is 70 km from town 35 km of that on gravel roads but that is where you could get the boats……so I decided when I got to town it would be 8am and I would scout it out….the road was interesting
Pretty high elevation!!
It was a nice drive and the town is quite small built around this lovely Mission!!
I went to three whale watching stores and two of them wanted over 125 dollars which would include transportation to and from the lagoon which appealed to me. The third place I went into after talking to the lady she told me they had a party of 14 booked but could squeeze me in and she would charge me only 65 dollars!!!!  This included a ride there and back two hours of whale watching and I signed up.
We left at 9am and after we hit the gravel I was so glad I did not bring Little Bluey down here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It took is almost 2 hours and when we got to the lagoon it was a maze of places and I would never have found my way so again glad for the tour.
We found our camp and they divided us up into 2 boats with 7 in each a perfect number and away we went.
Antonio our Captain was brilliant and after ten minutes we were in the lagoon….now are you sitting comfortably?  Are you ready for this??
The good old English word GOBSMACKED comes to mind….Google it if you do not know what it means!!!
OK I think in this case a photo speaks a 1000 words!!!!
DSCF8411Mum and baby and they are BIG!!!!!
Pearson petting WHALE!!!!!
This is something so special that it brought tears of joy to me and I shall never ever forget!!
A little out of focus but I was so lucky to capture this
Each year the California grey whales travel between 5000 and 6000 miles from Alaska and Siberia to the Baja the journey takes between 2 and 3 months and is one of the longest animal migration on earth!!
As we were about to leave and head back Antonio said one more minute he must have know because 6 whales came up to the boat and played and even lifted the front of the boat out of the water maybe 2 feet..they played for about 5 minutes then took off…….it was a surreal experience I have already decided not to go to the next lagoon tomorrow there is no way anything could top this day!!!!
We came back to camp and had lunch and YES Carolyn and Linda I had fish tacos this time..they were awesome and then the journey back… 7 hours at a cost that cannot be fathomed in dollars what a day…BUT wait not over yet!!!
I thought there was a B & B outside of town that looked interesting if they had a room I would stay and if not I would get on the road for three hours..well they had one room left and it was mine for 65 dollars which includes a Canadian English breakfast of bacon, ham and eggs..wait till you see my YURT!!!!!!!
Bathrooms which are spotless and the showers great are 30 feet away…the Internet is iffy but I have my stick which is slow…OK wanna see the inside??
Even bath robes for walking to the shower!!
Not finished yet.the camp is situated on the river and the cost comes with free
Kayaking!!!   Any comments about my toes and an instant 2 week blog ban!!!!!
The wild life!!



I really enjoyed the paddle…can it get any better you may ask???
Well yes the Yurt is so well equipped with everything including TEA!!!!!
My first cuppa in a week!!!
You can also use this for the tips!!!
So the final chapter is the sign in the YURT which is my life’s motto!!!!
Had a great hot shower some thing to eat for supper and now hopefully I can post this…..
I truly wish I could have taken you all along today this is one day I will always remember and talk about often…..thanks for coming with me!!
Yashi Koshi!!

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