Thursday, July 07, 2016

Thursday 7th July 2016....I would like to introduce my Aunt Rita and Uncle Bram!!!

I knew today was going be a lot of sitting and eating so I went for my walk early this morning and again enjoyed the walk first through the village

and then into the country where the horses were just getting up too....

Around 10.30 am Janet, Malc and myself left to go see ou Aunty Rita and Uncle Bram who were having a holiday in their caravan at a sea side town, Scarborough about one hour's drive away....

What a great couple they are

Bram is the  image of my Dad and I always think that when I see him.....I am very happy to report that Rita and Bram are in great health and keep very active Bram still plays Badminton once a week and they go dancing once a week too...did I mention that Rita will be 88 and Bram 90 in a few months!!!!!

We enjoyed a little lunch whilst catching up and then we drove into the town and went for a great walk on the sea front

 A lovely beach and view

 and a great zoom on my new camera!!
the Pearson boys will be boys!!!!!
and of course ice cream!!!
Very colorful beach huts
and a miniature train
The Flying Scotsman was one of the steam trains my Dad used to fire up the engines when he was a young man...
We had a lovely walk and then went to have fish and chips in a lovely restaurant before dropping Rita and Bram back at their caravan.

What a lovely thrill to see them again and to have a day with them with J & M too....

We were home in time to watch the home team France advance to the finals of the European soccer finals to be played on Sunday....
A really nice day!!
yashi Kochi!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

It's always nice to catch up with family. I would have a beach hut like that!

mexicokid said...

Doesn't my family look great and yes a nice beach hut I like the yellow cheers L

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