Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saturday 16th July 2016........back on real time!!!!

Hope you enjoyed the few posts from yesteryear !!!!

It is now Saturday evening and I have been on a short two day road trip to
You will have to Google it to see whereabout in England the small village is.

It was about a 4 hour drive and I first stopped here

I enjoyed walking around the gardens this is my favorite plant!!
I then stopped at Hunstanton and walked on the beach with the neat looking cliffs...

The reason for this short trip was to finally meet Heather's cousin..we were supposed to meet the last time I was in the UK but it did not today I finally met Sarah at her lovely home in the quaint village...
 My room
 some shots of the village

 Sarah outside the gift shop she owns in the village!!
We chatted over tea and it was nice to meet her after I had heard so many stories from Heather...we went to the local pub for a great meal and then a nice walk onto the beach and through the village!!!!

This morning Sarah made a lovely healthy breakfast and as she went off to work I went off for a walk to the next town....
crossed the bridge over the estuary

and to the pier!!

Those beach huts are a bit up market!!!

I eventually came back to the village but further down
and now I had to cross back the river but no bridge here

How does a guy get across??
An easy short ferry ride!!!!

Saw this great set up in one of the parking lots..this could be my mode of transport on my next visit to England!!!

I had a shower and went and said thanks and good bye to Sarah and before I left the village took these great shots!!!

I was unable to book an airbnb for tonight's stay but arrived in the town of Wroxham, which is the home of the Norfolk Broads ...

What Are The Norfolk Broads?

The Norfolk Broads are a series of rivers and broads (lakes), most of which are navigable.  The square area of the Norfolk Broads totals 303 kilometres, most of this is in the County of Norfolk, and just over 200 square kilometres of these waterways are navigable, covering seven rivers and 63 Broads.  The depth of these waterways is usually less than 4 metres deep.  Thirteen of the broads are completely navigable whilst three others have channels open to navigation running through them.
The Broads range from small ponds through the large areas such as Hickling, Barton and Breydon.  The majority are located in the northern half of Broadland which encompass the Rivers, Bure, Ant and Thurne.  Central and Southern parts of Broadland encompass the Rivers Waveney, Yare and Chet, however all the waterways are tidal but the effect of the tide decreases the further away from the coast until  reaches upstream from Barton Broad are almost non tidal.
All the Broads are either on or situated adjacent to the rivers.

Explore The Broads

The Broads have always been a boating destination. This started way back in 1878 when you could hire sail boats from John Loynes or Harry Blake. As rail was the main form of transport, you could travel from London to Norfolk very easily. Today, tourists from all over the world visit the Norfolk Broads to have fantastic holidays on a hire boat or to sample some delicious food from one of the many waterside pubs and restaurants.
The Norfolk Broads have been coined ‘Britain’s Magical Waterland’ which represents the mystic beauty of the rivers, with the fun and adventure that the whole family can enjoy whilst on a holiday on the Broads. However, the Broads are not all about staying on a boat. There is a wide range of self catering cottages and delightful bed and breakfasts to tempt the discerning. There are also some larger hotels, for those who want a base to explore from. For the family there are many walking and cycling routes that follow the rivers through beautiful countryside and landscapes. The unspoiled villages and market towns give the adults a place to sample local food and good beer.  

. very close to the river found this great small B & B....the lady wanted 70 pounds for the night which included a full English Breakfast but after we talked she gave me the room for 50 pounds....she made me tea and cake and we sat and chatted....the house is lovely and my room wonderful...

 This is the room where I am writing this blog!!
I took a walk into the town and I have a 90 minute cruise booked on this boat tomorrow morning
 I walked around the town

 Before I stopped here
 It was really good!!!
Came back to the house for a long hot shower and to relax...hope you all have a great weekend!!!
Good to be back!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Welcome back! You gotta just love small town England...

mexicokid said...

they are so many and just like you say lovely and friendly cheers L

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