Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday 24th July 2016...another new country!!

Well time to say fond farewells to my family and head out on yet another adventure!!!

I went into Hull with J & M and attended about 40 minutes of their church service before I left and walked 1 km to the train station, which was quite busy

and boarded a train for Leeds which took one hour...there I changed trains and had a 20 minute wait before I boarded the train for Manchester was quite full but then lots of folks got out in down town Manchester and I had the train almost to myself!!!
It was easy getting off the train and walking to the terminal for my flight and I had about a 20 minute wait so the timing could not have been any better...
The flight was packed and I had a middle seat but the flight was only 40 minutes, so as they say in Australia, "no worries"!!!

Arrived around 5.00 pm

The car hire firm was in the lobby and my car was waiting for me and the lovely girl on the desk must have used the word "wee" about 12 my new car is called Wee little white one!!!!  You will see why in a minute!!!
As I pulled out of the airport the heavens opened and it rained cats and dogs!!!!

My trusty Sat Nav worked well

If you look closely you will see a rainbow welcoming me to Belfast!!!
30 minutes later I arrived at my air bnb stay for 2 nights and it is just perfect!!!!

You know I will enjoy this later!!!
The house is right across from a Golf and Park course and is only a 15 minute walk into the city...the price of 60 Canadian dollars a night also includes breakfast!!!!
My transport for a week!!!

After I got settled I went for a walk through the park

The rain had stopped and the sun came out!!!
Glad they have my favorite Super Market chain here!!!
This is not clear but my journey today!!
When I got back from my walk three American girls had arrived and are staying in the upstairs room of the air bnb..we met in the breakfast room and had a chat and again to prove what a really small world this of the girls is Mexican born and bred in Celaya which is about 20 minutes from San Miguel!!!!!  Amazing!!!

Tomorrow is a foot day exploring the city......welcome to Northern Ireland!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Glad you're settled in and that bath looks awesome. It's a small world indeed!

living.boondockingmexico said...

Nice trip, nice car, nice room, what else? :) Love old Irish movies.

mexicokid said...

thanks guys it is a great start to my adventure here...and the tub!!!!!What can I say cheers les

Croft said...

More adventures! Have fun!

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