Saturday, July 09, 2016

Saturday 9th July 2016.....Home alone!!!!

At 9 am I was dropping J & M and Sam and Darren off at the train station

 For their quick weekend visit to the great metropolis of London!!!!
After I got back to the village I walked into town for my appointment with the Foot Lady!!!!  I saw her two years ago and she did an amazing job on my little issue with my big toe and it was time to see her again.
She remembered me even my name I like to think it is my style, personality and charm but in reality it is maybe my ugly toes!!!
Anyway she weaved her magic again for me and I walked home a healthy foot man!!
The plan was to take a long hike today but that was thwarted by the nasty rain coming down.
I neglected to mention before I went out I hung a load of laundry that Janet had washed on the outside line and of course when I got home I brought in a load of wet clothing from the line which is now drying in various parts of the house(just kidding Janet!!!!)
So with the rain still pounding I got out my books and computer and made some more reservations for my Ireland trip and now almost done with that.
My nephew Mark came around for a visit we do not get chance to talk and it was nice to see and catch up with him.
I then settled down and watched Serena Williams put on an amazing display to achieve another milestone in the tennis history books!!
Then Andy came round for a visit before he went off into town for the evening and I just sat and read the newspaper, cooked a light supper and then had a bath and now bed time......not a very exciting day but a day I  enjoyed!!!!
yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

It sure must be nice to get your feet fussed over. I will have to talk to Shelagh about that...

mexicokid said...

now good luck with THAT!!!! Cheers les

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