Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tuesday 26th July 2016....Money back guarantee!!!!

If you read this long post and you do not like it I will refund your full subscription for the year guaranteed!!!!

Had a lovely breakfast and was on the road by 8.30 am and the weather was overcast but no rain...yet!!!

Today was going to be a day that I like where I drive with sort of a plan but knowing it can change and if I see anything that may seem interesting I stop....I have no time schedule so I can take my time which is exactly what I did.

The first place I stopped

Watch out I think there is still a soldier about!!!!

Interesting and scenic coastal road

By chance I found this great hike to a lovely fall...

here's looking at you!!!!!
Another lovely little port village
Only in Ireland.....
Laying out the crab traps!!
Love the history of this area
Now is he a beauty or what????

This little path lead me on a water fall trail

Love those waterfalls...
I then passed this area and took these photos

Then looked up on the internet and found out why!!!

Loughareema–The Lake That Randomly Vanishes!!
Loughareema, also known as the Vanishing Lake, is located on the coast road, just a few miles from the seaside town of Ballycastle in Ireland. The lake sits on a leaky chalk-bed with a “plug hole” that often becomes jammed with peat causing the Loughareema depression to fill, especially during heavy rain. When the plug clears, the lake drains rapidly underground. A passerby who is not aware of the lake and its disappearing act would never even know it existed in the first place.
Interestingly, the road to Ballycastle runs right through the lake, though the modern road sits high enough to avoid flooding, unlike the original. It is quite possible that even the road engineers who built road were fooled by the lake’s trickery. In former days the route was frequently under water, sometimes for weeks on end, making crossing treacherous.

It was during one particularly bad state of flooding in 1898, a certain Colonel John Magee McNeille, anxious to catch the 3 pm train from the town, persuaded his coachman to drive a covered wagon pulled by two horses through the lake. When they reached the middle of the lake, the cold water reached the bellies of the horse who became nervous. The coachman used the whip, the horse went rearing up on its back legs and turned to the side. The Colonel, his coachmen and the two horses soon succumbed to the treacherous, cold waters.
Since that fateful day many people have reported seeing a phantom carriage pulled by two horses and ridden by a military man on the lonely shores of Loughareema.
The road has been raised about the maximum flood level, and just in case, a stone wall has been erected on each side of the road as it approaches the Lough so that no-one can ever meet the same watery end as Colonel McNeille did on the afternoon of 30 September 1898.

A few more miles saw me arrive at this world reknown site please Google it for it's history
Thanks Malc saved some more money with the National trust card!!!
Not fond of line ups and this was a long one and then shortly after the rain started but all worth the wait and getting wet!!!

Any time I go over a bridge like this my mind always turns to San Miguel and my favorite hike there to the bridge and canyon!!!

It was a great hike and wonderful views....
Around 5.00 pm I was pulling into my airbnb stay in Coleraine and Joanne was there to greet me and show me my lovely room

 After I was settled I asked Joanne if she could recommend a pub I felt like a home cooked Irish stew..she just smiled at me and said right here...she had cooked a huge mince, potato and pea dish and offered me a was so good and so kind of her!!!
 I knew in this area the Milk Cup was taking place this week a show case of under 18 youth soccer with teams from all over the world taking part and I was happy to find out I was staying about 200 yards from the stadium so I attended the evening game and it was highly entertaining....funny I have spent most of my adult life playing soccer and then about 11 years reffing soccer games and watching this match I was so wanting to pick up the whistle and go out there again!!

 Sorry this is not clear i need to find out on my new camera how to take micro shots   ..but it shows Coleraine at the top in the middle near the green area!!
So a great first day road trip....

Now tell me you did not enjoy that???

Yashi Kochi!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

A great post and awesome pictures. That suspension bridge would give Shelagh heart failure!

mexicokid said...

when you get back to SMA this winter I will take her to the one behind Mega..cheers L

Life with Lynnie said...

Yes, I enjoyed reading your entry including the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge. I've been there, since I have family in N. Ireland. My granny was from Aghadowey. Enjoy your time, there! Blessings, Lynn (fellow blogger)

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