Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Wednesday 8th June Dad would have loved this day!!

I was on the road heading west by 9 am this morning and all is well with the world...I had a sort of a plan and after about one hour arrived in

  I did not want to check in to my air bnb till later in the day so I took this chain ferry

Little Bluey Tres is behind the silver van... the ferry ride was only maybe a minute but I had to remember my last ferry ride in South Africa when three men pulled me across with a cable on their backs....

Pretty big chain to pull all the weight across...

Now I am in this area
and this was my first stop
I walked down to the pier and this beautiful ship was anchored out a ways!!
A typical English beach scene.

So my next little adventure was the one my dad would have loved!!!!
I took this train out to the castle and back just over one hour but sure lovely!!!

What a fabulous looking sight!!!

This is why my Dad would have been in his element...before he became a very successful Insurance district manager he started out as a young married man as  a fireman on the steam locomotives and he regularly fired up the famous Flying these next two are for my Dad!!!

Back at the car I took a different route back to Poole and passed by the castle again

I do not know what these bushes are but it sure made the road look spectacular!!!

Only done a few grocery shops but this chain is now my favorite great staff, some bargains on good products and located in most towns!!!

I lucked out again staying two nights with Margaret in her beautiful friendly has given me the run of the house and I already knew I could use the kitchen so I bought some food and after I settled in cooked a lovely simple meal for myself as Margaret went out....
The house is spotless and lovely check out my room and the view

The kitchen nook where Margaret already wants to know what I want for breakfast!!!

and this is where I am doing the blog!!!

Going to plan a driving, sightseeing, hiking day tomorrow and then stay here again tomorrow night.

The only news to tell you is that I checked the house sitting site I belong to this morning and saw a nice pet sitting job for 5 days in Wales next fits my schedule and I sent off a letter this morning and by the time I got here I had been excepted that will be a little break for me but more on that later in the week!!
Yashi Kochi!!


Rick said...

Les, I haven't looked in on your blog for quite some time.

Expecting you to be riding your scooter around San Miguel but no, you have been gallivanting all over the world!
What's the mission? Looking for a new place to live? I figured San Miguel was an almost perfect place to live.

Bon Voyage,


mexicokid said...

Welcome back.....SMA is still my home and I shall be back in November but the world was calling me to come see so I did cheers les

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