Friday, June 03, 2016

Friday 3rd June 2016...On the English Road again!!!

So the time has come for me to move on and start my round the country journey but I cannot leave without saying how nice it has been to connect with Anne after 50 years, she is very lovely and has treated me so well....I had Little Bluey Tres which I shall now refer to her as LBT, all packed up last night and by 9.30am I was on the road.....

My GPS works great and it was mainly Motorway driving which you have to be constantly aware of what is around you to my first stop of the day which was Canterbury Cathedral...this reverent place is steeped in history and I think the best thing for you to do is to Google the Cathedral and read all about it's history!!

A very busy place and the admission was steep at 16 pounds about 32 dollars, after listening to Janet over the weekend I have slightly altered my views about it not being right to charge to get into a place of worship.

...I really enjoyed this magnificent building and marvel at it's age..
On the walk back to town went through a small outdoor market and could not stop here with out buying two baskets!!

My nest stop was at the town of Margate. My friend Larry sent me an e mail last year informing me about this place in Margate that has a shell grotto...I saved the e mail and went there this morning

Never quite seen anything like it...the cave was not huge but all those shells and so amazing that no one knows the meaning... how delightful and strange.....

I had lunch on the road, thank you Anne, and finally came to Dover where I am staying the night but first I wanted to visit..

Again best to Google because this place has so much history attached to it far too much for me to remember and write about!!!

 One thing for sure I did not learn in my history class in school was that Henry II was born and raised in France!!

You do a self tour which was really interesting the site is enormous and then I opted for a guided tour of the Underground tunnels and the hospital

We were not allowed to take photos but you can read about it when you go on the web.....I was astonished to hear that there were over 4 miles of tunnels underneath the castle

The views were great of the busy sea port where you can take a ferry to France and then the famous and iconic White cliffs of Dover!!!

I had done my tours for the day and my air bnb was only a few minutes away

The outside of the cottage, with LBT and the white cliffs

I have a nice room

with a balcony and table and chairs

with  the white cliffs above, how cool!!!

My hostess Karen is very nice and just told me to make myself at home and she was sorry her Internet had gone down this morning but there is a pub three doors down where I think I can send this from
My first day was great full of good old English history and I think you know I enjoy being by the ocean.....and the weather is supposed to improve tomorrow...the car is easy and a pleasure to drive and it will just take me a couple of days to get things organised in the car for my journey with stopping most nights or every other night.

Hope you enjoyed your first English tour!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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