Sunday, June 05, 2016

Sunday 5th June 2016....It worked!!!

Last night in the shower I gave a rousing rendition of "The sun will come out tomorrow" and it did!!!
Just a glorious morning and my hostess had breakfast stuff laid out for me this morning and I left around 8.45 am   now when I booked and picked up Little Bluey Tres I was thrilled with the color but not so much this morning when I went down to her...
 It appears these guys think my car is the ocean!!!

.... and drove and parked closed to the old town of Hastings...
 I went up these steps to start my morning hike

 The view of the harbour is lovely and the fishermen winch their boats onto the gravelly beach over night!!
The trail along the cliffs and the views!!

It was a wonderful way to start the day and I think I walked about 9 km.
I did some research and I wanted to go see the sight of this
which strangely enough is not in Hastings but in a small town about 10 minutes away actually called Battle.
My research told me that the grounds are not all that interesting and it is not worth the money so I took their advice I did go to the town and walked around but only on the outside here a few of the shots and some of the old buildings in town...

 A golden oldie pub

and this old home looked worse and leaning more in real life than the photo!!!
So pleasant to walk around in shorts again and perhaps just maybe I had an ice cream.
I then drove about 60 km towards my next air bnb stay in the small town of Lancing but first I stopped in at a Pub at 2pm and watched the finals of the men's tennis from Paris

I think this tells the story of Novak beating Andy was a fascinating game those guys are monsters on the courts!!!!
Found my home where I am staying for 2 nights and my hostess Catherine was there to greet me and had a cup of tea waiting for room is lovely and again I have the free use of the kitchen and living room....

The ocean is across the street and after I was settled I went for a walk..
 This one below is looking back from the sea at the house
 and this is a zoomed in shot and my bedroom is right above the traffic light

 a bit of a rocky beach
and the lovely beach huts....

So another great day hope yours was too!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


living.boondockingmexico said...

Are the multi-colored beach huts like park models in the U.S.? Looks like the sun really did shine. I've never heard that song sung in British English! (just kiddin')

mexicokid said...

No the huts are just for the day to store your stuff in.....yes my singing worked..cheers les

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