Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Tuesday 31st May 2016.........what is that stuff falling from the sky???

Good morning from rainy England the first time I have had to say that!!! Quite a good down pour and also cool with dreary looking skies but really I cannot complain I have been following the sun for over a year now.

You cannot tell but this is taken from the front door and the rain is pounding down!!!

This morning was chore day and Anne willingly drove me around and I told her she did not have to wear white gloves and a hat......
The first stop was a computer/phone store where I actually did what I have promising Janet, Linda, Heather, Carol and many other of my readers.....I bought a

Think I got a great deal …... just so you know one pound Stirling is about $1.89 for 5 pounds I bought a small basic phone and then added a 10 pound call as I go now I am armed with a phone for emergencies at a really reasonable cost and I think I can take the phone back with me to Canada, USA and Mexico and get a card and use it there too.........and a nice colour too her name is Diva!!!
I have been unable to download Europe maps into my TOMTOM it freezes at 12% updated so in the same store I had the “man” look at it and it seems there may be an issue doing this so I had to pay 20 pounds leave the GPS with him and collect it tomorrow and then my English maps will be down loaded.

Next on the agenda was to find a rental car  for Thursday and we went to Enterprise where they offered the best deal for me....My original plan was to rent a car and take off for three weeks bring the car back here stay at Anne's a couple of days then take the train to Hull and be with Janet and Malc for a while....the cost of the train from here to their home was 35 pounds with three change of stations.....I could and would have done it but it would have been a bit of an ordeal as Malc has lent me a few very big and heavy books on routes and sights for my when I was booking the car I asked about my rental and he had given me a monthly rate but the date I was coming back here was a few days before the rental expires so.....I asked him what it would cost extra to leave the car in Hull....30 pounds......great so now I can keep the car a few days longer not have the hassle of the trains and drive to Hull and even do it a bit cheaper I know I have to figure gas or petrol as they say here into the equation....but I went for the deal booked the car and pick it up Thursday and also asked if possible not to get a white or silver car, yes picky I know!!!
We came back in the afternoon and settled down for an afternoon of tennis from Paris but they only managed to play for about an hour when rain stopped play..the stadium there does not have a roof so they are going to be struggling to finish the tournament on time as they cancelled all yesterday’s matches as well.
Anne produced another lovely meal and I really don't know where the time went today and also I realise it is the last day of May!!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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