Thursday, June 02, 2016

Thursday 2nd June 2016......I have a new girl friend!!!!

I bet that got your attention!!!!

the cloudy weather continues and a bit cool so i spent the morning getting my stuff organized and planning some routes and then at noon Anne dropped me off at the car rental and it sometimes pays to ask for what you want....I asked if possible for a car not white or silver so I was quite happy when after all the paper work he took me out to Little Bluey Tres!!!!!!!

This is going to be a great car for me and it has a feature that Malc's car had that I have not seen is a standard gearbox and when say you come to a red traffic light if you take it out of gear the engine cuts out to save emissions and then when you put your put on the clutch it starts again!!!!
Anyway i think my new girl and i will have lots of fun!!!
Then went to the store, the grocery stores here are really nice and Anne helped me find lots of stuff for my trip!!!
We came home for again an afternoon of watching the tennis from France and because of all the kind and many things Anne has done for me I wanted to show he my appreciation so i told her I would treat her to dinner and some entertainment afterwards she was thrilled until she realized it was fish and chips from the local chippie and eating it on her lap in the living room watching live soccer England V Portugal!!!!!  I know how to treat a lady!!!!

I think i am ready for the trip so get your walking shoes ready because you are all coming with me!!!
Yashi Koch

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Jeromy said...

Liked your blog and the picture of car you rented. I really liked your point about asking for what you want at the rental car place, I think that helps in anything. My wife and I are heading out on a trip pretty soon ourselves, and will definitely think about your approach with the rental car.

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