Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday 11th June 2016......old friends!!!

At the home where I am staying the hostess also has another room she rents and I met briefly the young lady who is also staying....she is a very attractive young woman from room is next to the back door with a nice big window looking out over the garden and it is also the path that leads to the road.....
So my day began at 5.30 am with a gentle knocking on my bedroom window I must have been sleeping soundly as the knock persisted....I got up opened the curtain and there was this young Slovakian  lady..not being awake my thoughts were varied and hurried and they all seemed to lead to the fact that how lucky could I be here is this gorgeous lady knocking on my bedroom window....these thoughts lasted a nano second as she asked me to let her in the house.....I quickly put on my shorts and opened the back door and she told she was was leaving early to get a ferry and had left the house put the keys through the letter box and when she got to her car she realized she had left her cell phone in her I think as I re tell this story in days to come it may finish up with a different ending!!!!!!  After she left and I locked the door  and I could not go back to sleep!!!!

There was a nice self serve breakfast provided and around 9 am I was on the the road again and heading to the old city of Exeter.

On the way I stopped
and walked a mile or two on the beach and the cliff tops..

 Not quite sure where these people were rowing to...

I was on some of the minor roads always good for an unusual sighting
 Not sure what this old man is carrying..

In Exeter my trusted GPS took me to the home of Mal and Tom......I first met them at a small dinner party in San Miguel and you know when you first meet someone you can tell they are "good people" this was my thoughts of Mal and Tom.....they are English and live in Exeter.
At the dinner party in San Miguel the conversation turned to me the next year walking the Camino and they told me their son lives really close to Santiago, the end of the Camino and that they may be over at that same time visiting their it turns out they were and we met again for lunch and they told me when I was in England to look them I did and here I am for a visit.

Their home is lovely and we had a great time catching up on news and mutual friends...before we were knew it was dinner time...we ordered in fish and chips which were really good and I spent a lot of time in between talking to Mal to watching Tom make bread all from scratch and no machine, very interesting.
Another interesting fact is that Mal and Tom do not have television!!!!!A rare occurrence these days I think....I talked about there being the England V Russia soccer game on at 8pm and we decided after dinner to walk to the Pub about 30 minutes away and we watched the was a better game than last night and England were in full control scored a goal in the second half and coasting to victory when Russia upsurged them scoring in the last minute of play..a big disappointment for the English team and of course the city where the game was played Marseilles was rocked by rioting English fans when will these hooligans ever learn!!!
I had a lovey time with Mal and Tom and they have been very kind to me.....
Today all over England celebrations taking place to celebrate the Queen's 90 th Birthday!!!

God Bless the Queen!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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