Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday 14th June 2016.....a good driving day!!!

Today was going to be a bit of a long driving day as I head to my house sit...I was on the road by 8.30am and for for the first 90 minutes I was on the motorways...they are unlike the freeways in Canada and the USA and I find them very busy and you have to be constantly alert and aware I would not call it relaxing driving.

Then I was happy to get on  to the side roads and through the country but here the lanes are so narrow so also you have to be alert..

 The first stop was the quaint town of Tenby where I treated myself and bought an umbrella, no comment!!!

 Back onto the country roads, I sound like John Denver!!!!
 I nice black and white shot of a pretty estuary!!

I thenadvertisement

I then arrived at this wonderful little town with one of the loveliest churches I have seen and I have no idea why my font just changed!!!!

History of St. David's Cathedral

The city of St. Davids is in such a remote area of Britain that the visitor might well wonder why the site was chosen for a cathedral. The answer is that it all began with a monk, who chose the site for its seclusion.
In the 6th century, a monk named Dewi (David is the Normanized form of his name) founded a monastery in the once-deserted area where St. David's Cathedral now stands. As he spread Christianity in the area, he might be considered the Welsh version of St. Patrick.
The Celtic saint soon became famous for his learned preaching, devotion to God, and extreme asceticism (he ate only bread and herbs, drank only water, and regularly stood in cold water for long periods). He was nicknamed Dewi Ddyfrwr, David the Water Drinker.
Many wonderful legends have circulated about David, including one alleging that King Arthur was his uncle and that among the "prophecies of Merlin" was a prediction that St. David would found a bishopric in Wales.
In another legend, St. Gildas (born c.500 AD) foretold David's birth when a pregnant woman came into the church as he was preaching. He was struck dumb, and on regaining his power of speech, predicted that she would give birth to a son "with a greater proportion of the divine spirit than has ever fallen to the share of a preacher."
It is said that during a speech at a 6th-century synod a dove descended on David's shoulder, signifying his eloquence and guidance by the Holy Spirit. The statue of St. David in the cathedral includes the dove.
David died in old age on March 1 in either 589 or 602 AD. His last words are reported to have been, "Brothers and sisters, be joyful and keep the faith and do the little things which you heard and saw with me."
When I turned the corner and saw this sight below it again took my breath away sometimes a camera just does not capture the true beauty!!!

 Next to the Cathedral is this old and spectacular ruin...

I remember my Dad having this old and huge book of maps and walks and information on all of Britain's coast line and I asked Malc to bring it for me and I found this little village

 I did a short walk on the cliffs quite lovely!!!

A weeks free subscription to the blog if you can find Little Bluey Tres in the shot below!!!
Some help..
I have not been able to show but I have passed through some quaint little towns and seen some lovely coastal vistas.
Around 4 pm I arrived at my house sit it is in a small village surrounded by rolling hills and rivers and only 6 miles from the ocean......
The owners Cathy, Ron and their son Dom are great and then I met my soon to be buddy Chester, photos of him tomorrow!!
I have a great upstairs bedroom with my own bathroom and wait for it....tub!!!!
These are the views from my bedroom window!!

 We had a nice dinner together and I got my instructions for the home and for taking care of Chester he loves long walks and the area is full of them.
Ron and I watched a live soccer game from France, get used to it there are three games on every day for the time I am here!!!!
This where I am..

It will be nice to be grounded in one place....the owners come back late Sunday night so I will leave here Monday morning...
Yashi Kochi!!

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