Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Tuesday 7th June 2016...oh what history!!!!

Do not think you get away with out doing anything today you need to get your Googling fingers ready!!!
Said good bye to Catherine after a lovely two night stay and I enjoyed being close to the ocean, she laughed when I said that and told me English people do not call it the ocean they call it the sea!!!
I was on the road just after 9 am and my fist stop was in the lovely old town of Arundel, this is your first Google exercise to Google Arundel, it is so steeped in history....

The castle looks wonderful but two things stopped me going on a tour inside...first was that all the rooms do not open till noon, I have no idea why the rest of the castle opens at 10 am and the second reason was the cost..almost 40 dollars, why do they charge so much....so I just enjoyed a free Pearson tour of the town!!
 In England these are called roundabouts or traffic circle....love the old buildings..
This is one old and lovely church!!

Just a few hundreds away is another great historical building

20 minutes away is another lovely small village

and some lovely cottages

I love this shot it reminds me of the old women who walk the streets of SMA!!!

He followed me BUT he did not get my lunch today!!!
Then it was onto Portsmouth a city famous for it's long Naval history....I was smart and instead of driving into the city and fighting to find somewhere to park I stopped and parked out side the city at the park and ride and for 4 pounds parked Little Bluey Tres and then took the bus
right into the start of the Naval dockyards!!
Again the prices are really high so I chose to tour the HMS.Victory which also included a 45 minute harbor cruise....so your job now is to Google HMS.Victory.....

So now you know all about the ship so enjoy the photos but first I have to tell you what I did...these men were talking on the quay side and I listened in to their conversation and the officer was going to take these new recruits on a tour of the ship

 so i just joined in with them they did not mind and I learned so much of the history of the big battle than other tourists it was great.....

 I imagine the cannon is quite a good alarm clock!!

I really enjoyed my time here and to see the place where Nelson died in battle!!!
Next I walked to where the boat cruise started but always like reflection shots!!
The boat for the short cruise which was really informative also...
Your last Google of the day is HMS.Warrior..
Never fired a shot in anger!!!

The old and the new!!

This is interesting the above shot is of Britain's only air craft carrier and as you can see it has scaffold all over as it is being readied for scrap..so until the new HMS.Elizabeth is commissioned in December no aircraft carrier!!
It was a great afternoon and the bus dropped me back at my car and with in 15 minutes I was at my airbnb for the night another nice room in a family home, the family are lovely and kind...
 The door from my room opens onto the lovely garden
It was now about 5 pm but still warm and sunny so I sat outside and read my book.
Then walked about a mile to a nice Pub where I had a good fish dinner and walked home... had a long bath and now it is almost 11 pm!!!

On the map below and to the left of London is Woking where I left Anne's house on Friday...I went east through Canterbury onto Margate and then down to Dover......from there along the coast west towards Hastings and now I am in Portsmouth.
Yashi Kochi!!

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