Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday 10th June 2016.....prepare to be Gobsmacked!!!

For the uninitiated...

Completely dumbfounded, shocked. From the Irish word "gob" meaning "mouth". 
We were utterly gobsmacked when we spotted John at a restaurant on Friday night, after having attended his funeral that very morning!
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Some of the shots later I think are amazing!!!

So I left Poole around 9 am and had a nice drive

it was interesting to stop and watch the workmen on the roof!!

 what a lovely street..
I reached my destination for my hike and this is some information from the Internet..

A famous natural arch and a beautiful secluded cove; their existence owed to the collision of continents and the birth of the Alps. If you visit Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove, look carefully and you will notice that the layers exposed in the cliffs are tilting steeply to the north. This is most notable with Durdle Door itself as it is formed from a layer of hard limestone standing almost vertically out of the sea. Normally layers of limestone would be horizontal. Only the most fundamental force in geology could have altered these rocks in this way – plate tectonics.
Around 25 million years ago the African tectonic plate collided with the European plate. The huge pressures generated heaved and folded rocks to create the mountain chain we know as the Alps. Ripples from that collision spread north through the Earth’s crust and gently folded the rocks here, in what would become south Dorset and Purbeck. Lulworth Cove and Durdle door lie in the heart of one of these folds, where the rock layers have been tilted steeply. As the sea broke through the hard limestone it washed away the softer rocks behind creating the arch, the cove and the beautiful coastline where they are both found

The start of the hike goes up that hill!!
Just sit back and I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!!!

This one above i think could be a postcard!!!

On this shot below right at the very end of the last cliff is another small door and I walked all the way on the beach, hard to do because of all the pebbles!!!

I love the shot above!!!

This one is looking back at the town and car park!!
There are more cliff formations by the harbor..

Can you believe what some people will hike in!!!!!!

My reward for finishing about a 5 mile hike!!!
Check out his braids!!!

Cannot be a bad day when it ends with a waterfall even if it is so small!!!
I arrived at my airbnb around 4pm and again another lovely hostess who made me tea and showed me my room and the kitchen and bathroom
I relaxed and read for a while and then had dinner the one that I had frozen from a couple of nights ago and it was good.....after a long bath I went around the corner to the local Pub....why you may ask??  Well it has come to my attention that many of my readers  have not read on recent blogs that I watched this game tonight or that game so just for you and for the next month you will be reading a lot of "I watched one of the live European Soccer games tonight"  France V Romania not a great game but a good win for France!!

Congratulations to Ben and his family back on the Bank in Nanaimo..he is the first of Heather and Kirby's three boys to graduate College...I remember and it seemed not long ago that i attended his High school graduation..well done Ben!!
Below it is Alex, Ben, his Grandma(Heather's Mum), Zach and Heather

Kirby and his three BIG sons!!!!!
For ice hockey fans across the world a legend passed away today!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

A beautiful coastline indeed. Great pictures.

mexicokid said...

thanks isn't it wonderful scenery Les

Carol said...

Sooooo Beautiful!!!! thx for the excellent geologic discussions too....:)

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