Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday 17th June 2016...rain does not stop play!!!

I think I was just a kid when I last saw a milkman deliver milk to the door step and then it was in glass bottles.....outside the front door this morning!!!

Did the usual morning ritual of feeding the animals pets and otherwise and managed to take Chester for a good walk dressed in raincoat and wellies me not Chester!!!!!
It rained most of the morning and I took advantage to book my accommodation for next week and I am all set as I plan to travel to Devon and Cornwall before returning back to Anne's next Friday and then on up to my family in Hull...I have heard from Janet and Malc and they are having a great time in their caravan and they were in Italy and then Switzerland and now back into France!!!
Around 11 am it stopped raining and I was able to get out and walk around this wonderful ruined castle about 4 miles from the house..amazing just a little village and you turn the corner and there is this magnificent ruin!!

 This is a National trust property and my entrance fee was free with Malc's card!!

 The view from the tower of the near by river!!
I came back a different way and stopped here and did a short walk!!!
 Chester getting ready for his evening walk!!

He is now completely used to me and follows me around the house and he is great off leash in the fields!!!
Well it happened again 3 live soccer games to watch!!!!  That is all I am going to say!!!
The talk today on the radio and news is of the terrible killing of a female member of Parliament in her home town in my home County of Yorkshire..such a senseless act!!!
Yashi Kochi!!..

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