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Monday 20th June 2016...well a little bit of everything!!!

Please do not be offended by the header just having some fun!!!

Happy Summer Solstice 2016: Times and rituals surrounding the longest day of the year and the full Strawberry Moon

Here's everything you need to know about the longest day of the year and traditions surrounding the summer solstice

GettyMidsummer Solstice celebrations at Stonehenge
Party time: Druids, pagans and revellers take part in a winter solstice ceremony at Stonehenge

As the summer solstice approaches, everyone starts talking about the fact that the days will soon start shortening into winter.
There's a very British pessimism that says it's all downhill from here, and we might as well pack away our shorts and sunglasses and dust off our wellington boots in preparation for the autumn.
But the summer is far from over. As well as being the longest day of the year, the solstice is also a time for shenanigans at Stonehenge , general celebrations and a pause to celebrate the summer.
And if the solstice itself wasn't enough, this year we get the bonus of a big beautifulStrawberry Moon , which hits its peak on the same day.
Here's everything you need to know about the summer solstice 2016.

What is it?

It's generally understood to mark the middle of summer - even though some of us may feel like we haven't really had the first half yet in the UK.

PACrowds gather as dawn begins to break at Stonehenge, as thousands of people descended on the site to mark this year's summer solstice.
Crowds gather as dawn begins to break at Stonehenge on the longest day of the year

Technically, it's when the tilt of Earth's axis is most inclined towards the sun, and that's why we get the most daylight of the year.
In the winter solstice, we're tilted furthest away from the sun, hence shorter hours of daylight and the shortest day.
The word solstice is derived from the Latin words sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still).

When is it?

In the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice takes place between June 20 and 22. This year it's on Monday, June 20 .
The shortest day of the year is known as the winter solstice, and occurs between December 20 and 22. This year it is on December 21.

GettyMidsummer Solstice celebrations at Stonehenge
Destination Stonehenge: Of those who attend, many are druids, but some are tourists

In London, on the summer solstice, the sun will rise at 04:43 and set at 21:21.
Near Stonehenge in Salisbury, sunrise will be at 04:52 and sunset will occur at 21:26.

Why Stonehenge?

The midsummer solstice is being celebrated at Stonehenge on Monday, June 20, into Tuesday, June 21.
Thousands flock to the English Heritage site for the solstice in a tradition which has its roots in pagan times, when Midsummer Day was considered to have power.
Of those who attend, many are druids, but some are tourists.
The way that the stones are positioned is said to be aligned with sunrises on the two annual solstices.

GettySummer Solstice
A reveler called Mad Alan celebrates the 2014 summer solstice, the longest day of the year, at sunrise at the prehistoric monument Stonehenge

Although not much is known about its formation, those facts are thought to be involved with whatever religious, mystical or spiritual elements were central to its construction.
The monument field at Stonehenge is open from 19:00 on Monday to 08:00 on Tuesday. Admission is free, but parking fees apply.
The Solstice Car Park opens at 19:00 on June 20, with last admissions at 06:00 (or when full, if earlier) on June 21. The car park will close at 12 noon on June. 21
Visitors, including sunrise-worshipping Druids for whom it is a religious occasion, are encouraged to use public transport or arrange to car share.
The solstice is also celebrated at the Avebury stone circle from Monday, June 20, until Wednesday, June 22.

How else do people celebrate it?

It's not just for the arch-druids in Wiltshire - there are celebrations worldwide among lots of different cultures.
The holidays, festivals and rituals do tend to have themes of religion or fertility.

GettyMidsummer Solstice celebrations at Stonehenge
Midsummer: Near Stonehenge in Salisbury, sunrise will be at 04:52 and sunset will occur at 21:26

In Latvia there's Jāņi, when women wear wreaths on their heads. Estonia has Jaanipäev or St John's Day, which marks a change in the farming year.
Wianki happens in Poland, with roots in a pagan religious event, and Kupala Night happens in Russia and Ukraine, where people jump over the flames of bonfires in a ritual test of bravery and faith.

Full 'Strawberry' moon

As if the summer solstice wasn't iconic enough, this year it coincides with the full moon, which hits its peak on the same day - something that hasn't happened since 1948.
“Having a full moon land smack on the solstice is a truly rare event,” says Farmer’s Almanac astronomer Bob Berman.

Tim WalkerMoon rising over London
Moon rising over London

The June full moon was known to early Native American tribes as the "Strawberry Moon", because it marked the beginning of the strawberry season, and served as a signal to start gathering ripening fruit.

Are the days going to be shorter now?

They will of course get shorter between now and the winter solstice on December 21, but don't worry, we're not talking dark evenings quite yet.

I shall be going to Stonehenge on my way back to London on Friday....

Now to today!!!
I was on the road by 8 am and the below photo tells of the journey mainly on motorways and always raining and as I approached my destination the fog moved in!!!

I found my air bnb in the tiny village of Treknow...this is a little different it is a commercial B & B with 9 rooms but still really nice I was allowed to check in early and my room is lovely..

The dining room for breakfast tomorrow!!
I was lucky again as I was having a cuppa..the fog went away and gave way to blue skies and I was able to see the ocean from my room.....I am only 300 yards from the coastal walk and I got packed up and imagine my surprise as i reached the cliff tops this dramatic sight was waiting for me!!

Looking back that is the air bnb a regal old home!!
This pinnacle is quite a sight!!
You can see the path is actually by the cliff top!!

I think I have overcome my fear of these guys!!!
A beautiful old church on the cliff tops!!

I walked about two miles and came to this famous castle before you see more you need to Google Tintagel Castle and read all the history of the castle, the Kings, Merlin and the round table!!!!
A good work out!!
Beautiful vista I went down to the beach
and this is Merlin's cave!!!
I have only seen a couple of waterfalls that actually flow into the ocean!!!

I like these shots that I take through the openings!!

This is all there is left of the chapel..

I really enjoyed this site, the walk and the fresh air!!!
On the way home saw these buddies..

This one puts a whole new meaning to the words "Horse Whisperer"!!!
If you look closely at the cliffs you can see shafts and buildings as this area was a huge and important slate mine!!!

My drive today Cardigan to Treknow...

You can see that  am almost at the end of the peninsular..

So I had a great long bath and then was allowed to use the kitchen to heat up one of the meals I had prepared and was lovely and then it was time for the 8 pm soccer games....
It gets a little interesting here as England were playing Slovakia and at the same time Wales were playing Russia...the reason why the games started at the same time is because all these teams are in the same group so which game do I watch???
Well I am one smart cookie with the help that Anne gave me to understand how to watch a live game on the computer..I laid on the bed with my computer on the English game with no sound and watched the TV with Wales on with some sound!!!
So England drew and Wales won their game so both teams are through to the next round but their opponents are not known at this stage!!!!
I move on tomorrow further south so stay tuned.....
Yashi Kochi!!!


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it always is I shall be there on Friday and hope they will all be gone but i dont think you can go near the stones anymore....L

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