Thursday, June 09, 2016

Thursday 9th June 2016....... vistas and then even more vistas!!

Margaret cooked a delicious breakfast for me this morning and I ate in the patio room looking out on the garden but at a dreary looking the garden is a building shaped like a garage and with a sign outside saying 'Welcome to playhouse" and as there are kids toys around I presumed it was an indoor area for the kids but Margaret soon put me straight and took me for a look inside!!!

Obviously a very patriotic woman!!!

I had a day of a sort of a mystery toured planned so my back pack ready back on the road and I retraced my steps of yesterday and took the chain ferry across the straight

You get a better view of the chains ....

I then went and parked the car and started on my walk to here

A bit foggy but this is where I am heading

This is some history on this area from the Internet!!

Here, at the eastern end of the Jurassic Coast, the white chalk of Handfast Point and Old Harry Rocks gleams brightly in the sun. Passing boats and walkers stop to soak up the view. This tranquil stretch of English downland records, in its chalk bedrock, the closing chapters of the story of the Jurassic Coast.
From around 100 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period, countless skeletons of plankton began to drift to the bottom of a tropical sea here. Over the course of roughly 35 million years this process formed a thick blanket of white limestone known as chalk. At this time the ecosystems of the world were under pressure, life was vulnerable, struggling with natural changes in global climate.
Disaster came 65 million years ago when an asteroid six miles across crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. In the cataclysm that followed around 75% of species were wiped out, including the dinosaurs. This event brought the Mesozoic Era to a close and made the world we recognise today a possibility. After the extinction event mammals, freed from the tyranny of the dinosaurs, rose to dominate the world. We are their descendants, possessed of the unique ability to transport ourselves back to those ancient days, with little more than a white cliff face and our imagination

The walk first took me down to the beach
Then by this great court

and then onto a great piece of history...

Then on to the coastal path towards the rocks

 I think my tracking abilities are still with me and I surmise that this pile below belongs to a male 5 year old hippopotamus and he is travelling in a westerly direction and was here about 4 hours ago.....How  did I do Delwin???

I don't apologize for having so many photos of the rocks they are quite spectacular and I can only imagine what they look like on a clear sunny day!!

Then the fog really came in
After my recent close encounters with elephants, great white sharks and more recently sea gulls...cows do not seem so daunting to me!!!
 This shot reminds me of a trick I used to do on the Camino... mirror shots and for you lady ladies " a bit of leg"!!!
 Then it was into a forest and saw this lovely guy having lunch!!
 and I was really fortunate to catch these, do so like deer!!
This was my next destination

 That is the rock in the middle of the shot
 The rock is huge and in the middle of forest and bushes the story goes that the Devil carried the rock and he was going to drop it on the Isle of Man but got tired and left it here!!
When I got back to the car the fog had cleared and the sun came out and this is now the view of the rocks..
 I reckon I walked close to ten miles and it felt really good.  I was home in time to sit out in the garden with my book and then I decided to save the dinner I had made yesterday for tomorrow night and I walked here
for dinner...a Carvery is a little like a buffet for 13 dollars you get a choice of turkey, roast beef, ham and roast pork or all 4 of them these are put on your plate by a chef and they add a Yorkshire pudding and then you go and help yourself to veggies, potatoes and gravies...a good home cooked meal at a great price...these kinds of places are all over England with the same format!!!
I have really enjoyed my stay here Margaret has been so kind to me and all the little extra touches she has thought of....
Tomorrow I move on further west about 50 km and on the way another coastal hike!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

What a beautiful place, even on a foggy day. A that is one serious, stick to your ribs, dinner!

mexicokid said...

this coastline is very stunning and yes so was the dinner cheers les

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