Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Wednesday 6th April 2016...what a difference 24 hours make!!!!!

I had another pass for the Kruger Park today so it meant another early morning and what a change from yesterday it was a bit cool and rain was in the air...I packed up some food and drinks and was at the gate waiting to get in at 6 am and only two cars in front of me.
You can see the park on your own or you can stay at an elite lodge and get transported around in one of these......

looks great and it is when it is sunny and warm but today it was cold in the wind and it rained all the time and the people I saw in the jeeps looked thoroughly cold and miserable ...and then there was little old me tootling around in the comfort of my own car with food and music!!!!

I do not know if it was the weather conditions but I passed hundreds of this little guys on the road!!

My first sighting this morning was hyenas and they even look mean

.....lots of impala around but I liked this one seems to say 'What are you looking at”.

The day was dreary and I do not understand it because yesterday it seemed like the animals were everywhere around in the bushes, crossing the road in front of me...BUT today it seemed like someone had told them that they could not come out to play...saw very few animals and after all the hundreds of Zebra yesterday not one today!!!

Just a young buffalo..
Do you see the birds on the Mum's back??

This was a nice lily pond

one of the rivers

if you look really close almost in the middle of the photo in the water there are a couple of dots..well my trusty camera said no not dots.....

I took lots of back roads and was thinking to myself this is so weird where are these animals and suddenly to my right saw these BIG guys!!!!

I like to call this one Synchronise rhinos!!!!
This animal is a Kudu.......pretty impressive!!

After nearly 7 hours I decided it was enough just not an animal day..I came home and did some reading and planning....cooked myself a nice light supper.....had a great hot shower and after writing this I shall be ready for bed..a long day!!!
Tomorrow I am on the road travelling about 60 km to my next stay a small apartment which is in an area renown for waterfalls....I stay there two nights and then Saturday morning drive to my bush lodge for a whole week in the bush …...stay tuned!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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