Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday 24th April 2016...a drive...a hike...and a great apartment!!!!

I am happy that I am having such great sleeps...a light breakfast and on the road by 9am today was a drive of 200 km mainly on a good highway......I made a small detour to here
This was a beautiful park and the ocean was magnificent I took a hike and really enjoyed it hope you do too....

Saw these critters in the trees...

This is from the Internet about them

Similarities with elephants and sirenia

Hyraxes share several unusual characteristics with elephants and sirenia (manatees and dugongs), which have resulted in them all being placed in the taxon Paenungulata. Male hyraxes lack a scrotum and their testicles remain tucked up in their abdominal cavity next to the kidneys,[11][12] the same as elephants, manatees, and dugongs.[13]Female hyraxes have a pair of teats near their arm pits (axilla), as well as four teats in their groin (inguinal area); elephants have a pair of teats near their axillae, and dugongs and manatees have a pair of teats, one located close to each of the front flippers. The tusks of hyraxes develop from the incisor teeth as do the tusks of elephants; most mammalian tusks develop from the canines. Hyraxes, like elephants, have flattened nails on the tips of their digits, rather than curved, elongated claws which are usually seen on mammals.[14]

Always enjoy seeing suspension bridges and reminds me of my best hike in San Miguel!!!

Isn't it just a glorious scene??

I came back and sat on the rocks and had lunch and watched the waves.....this is the rocks with no waves
and then with waves!!!
Pretty wild eh??
With Delwin's route planner I drove through and stopped at Nature's Valley and went for a beach walk!!

Around 3 pm I arrived at my air bnb stay for three nights in the delightful town of Knysna..
Hard to see I have yet to perfect the way of getting Google maps transferred here any tips welcome!!!
Anyway Knysna is in the middle right at the bottom..
My apartment is just beautifully decorated and has everything I need...
 My apartment is at the end where the table and chairs are outside!!

 My view!!!! a wonderful place very safe great hosts and as you see a very tastefully decorated place all for 48 Canadian dollars a night!!

So I ask you what could be better than having a nice drive a spectacular hike meeting kind hosts, having a great place to stay...

Oh yes having tea a cookie watching English live soccer with an ocean view!!!!!!
I am a lucky kid!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Yes, you are a lucky kid!


mexicokid said...

don't i know it cheers les

Claire_Houlihan said...

Been back in the UK for a month now, still cold so its nice seeing warm places in your blog. I could do with some of those nice little tree critters, they look cuddly and warm!

mexicokid said...

glad you made it home they look cute but had sharp claws best wishes les

Saturday 19th May 2018...Day 44!!!!

My first night at home was a good one and the sunshine is continuing to follow me with breakfast outside in the lovely secluded back garden....