Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday 29th April 2016....OH NO!!!!

I had company for breakfast this morning out on the back stoop...

Do not know what kind of bird this is but I do know Delwin will e mail and tell me......Said goodbye to my host Stephen we had a great chat before I left telling me about the social economics of the country and the issues they still face it seems to me that every town is like a tale of two cities on one end are the nicer homes and on the other side the shacks are dominant.......still a work in progress!!!
I left in this kind of weather
and it persisted for most of the day ..although when I came through this pass is eased a little bit...very lovely mountain pass..
Yes they are slopping it is not the camera angle!!!!
Driving down this stretch of road I could see something ahead on the road
I slowed down no traffic around and took these shots...

Around 2 pm I was pulling into this town..

and found my accommodation for the next two nights....a little bit different this time....I am staying with a couple in their huge house.....
It is sub divided they have the space on the left, their brother has the space on the right(but he is away right now) and I have the space in the middle  so I have a lovely bedroom
My own lounge area
with a patio with a view
and with a wonderful roaring fire place!!

I have the use of their kitchen and they are lovely people already they have invited me to go with them tomorrow to the next town for a church bazaar and breakfast and an African art exhibition!!
All this for only 72 Canadian dollars..not bed eh???  especially when I tell you that is for two nights!!!!!
It finally stopped raining so I took off and walked into the town and just looked in the shops walked through the huge supermarket and took these photos of a replica of a trading post
I don't know about you but when I look at that photo above it seems to me like they are not real structures but more like dolls houses.....

The local church
The town with a river running through it...
I enjoyed the walk and back at the house the fire was still going and I warmed up some left overs, which tasted really good and then sat and read before I went into this room
Forgot to mention the bath tub and the Epsom salts I bought in town....time for a long soak....!!!
So even rain does not stop me from having another great day in SA!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Croft said...

Into each life a little rain must fall. But you always make the most of it and have fun anyway!

mexicokid said...

yes the first really bad weather day and it was a travel day so yes I am lucky..glad you made it home Ok and taxes done have a great weekend cheers les

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