Thursday, April 07, 2016

Thursday 7th April 2016...a short road trip!!!

Hallelujah...I got to stay in bed this morning after all these early rain and the sun is shining but still a little cool, well not really cool but not that blistering heat yet.
My friend Paula sent me this below she knows that as ugly as they are I do like my crocs!!!!
Have not seen any crocs yet but hope to next week......
I have a self contained unit booked in Graskop about 60 km away but to get there I took the scenic I made you a sandwich and some OJ so come along for the ride...what else are you going to do on a Thursday morning??????
The road was fine a few potholes but not bad and the scenery first was all banana plantations and then views like this
Can never pass a logging truck with out thinking of my friend Roy and those last 6 years I spent with him!!
I was going to take the waterfall route and I stopped in the town of Sabie I actually saw my first tourist information office and went in to get maps and directions.  the lady was very helpful and as I was leaving she talked to me about the police corruption in this area and if I was stopped I was not to let them intimidate me and not to pay them anything and show them this!!
I thanked her and left...I try to be as pro active as I can..I have a throw away wallet by my side when driving with some old cards and about 200 Rand in it I also have a laminated copy of my passport photo page and on the other side a copy of my driving license so if I am stopped that is all I will show them......I try not to carry large sums of money and I think it is best to have my passport with me....I do not feel threatened so far all I have met is kind people a few crazy drivers and I am getting used to being the only white face in lots of places I go.
So my first water fall
The park was patrolled by a gate man and the charge to enter the park was only 5 Rand which is just over 40 cents Canadian.....a short walk to a lovely flowing cascade!!

It was wonderful to have this all to myself....
A short drive later another fall
Another 5 Rand admission but this was on private property with holiday cabins in a lovely park setting

Another great falls.
About ten minutes later I was here
It was nice to get a walk in and these falls were different as I could hike behind them...

Of course I could not help thinking about the Victoria falls and the time I had there as i was viewing these falls.....
This area was just outside the town of Sabie and in a lovely well kept area and a short walk to the falls..

When I came into the parking lot here and paid my 10 Rand the man on the gate was very friendly and spoke really good English..when I came back to the car I asked him if he had a bucket i could borrow and he went and brought me one and filled it with water and I washed the inner side of the doors of the car and around the tires they were crusted with red clay from the drives in it is not all play!!!!
I bought the red crate from the gate man to put my bottles of water and cans of food inside the car.....the man got 30 Rand and was happy and so was I..
My last waterfall of the day always bring a smile to my face to see a yellow arrow...

A powerful force in a lovely canyon but no way to get down to the falls!!!
Around 4.30 pm I arrived at my accommodation for 2 is with airbnb but it is in fact an 8 room motel property....the owner was very nice and he showed me to my room, the Rhino is really great and has all I need...

I settled in and had tea and read for a while before having some soup for supper and then planning my day trip out tomorrow and what they call the Panorama Route and i do have to tell you that it is quite cool tonight....
The map shows my journey today....from Hazyview to Sabie and finally where I am now in Graskop!!

Forgot to mention when I stopped in the town and went to the Visitor's center there was a small market close by and I treated myself to this great shirt for 120 Rand about 11 Canadian dollars!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Elaine May said...

Hi again!
What a beautiful country Africa is. You are surely having a wonderful trip. Must be good for you, you appear to be looking younger as you travel.
Keep on having fun!
Elaine May in Saltair BC

mexicokid said...

Elaine thank you so much and yes it is a country where every day I say how lucky I am...for those flattering comments about my youthfulness you get a year's free subscription to the wishes les

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