Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday 23rd April 2016.....if I told you would not believe it..although maybe you would!!!

I think that is the longest heading I have ever used!!!

Had a great sleep undisturbed till almost 8am and the sun was shining and I took my fruit and yogurt outside on the patio and just enjoyed the time......
I needed to get to the beach so I packed a drink and drove about  1 km to the car park and I just walked and walked and enjoyed every single minute..

The beach at first was a little rocky but then smoothed out into fine sand.

..for a while the cliff top was littered with lovely homes

but then it just turned to dunes.....

The waves were quite rough and I took a shot of my feet in the Indian Ocean and I know what the caption should be!!!!!

  "The Indian blinking cold ocean".

No one else on the beach.....

 The week I had in the bush I learned so much from Delwin and one of the things he taught me was to recognize some animal tracks and I was able to tell what animal it was how long the track had been there and which way the animal was heading....

So I found this track on the beach

So I summarize this is belonging to a fiftyish hunk of a Latino or Limey background..with slightly graying hair at the temples and the track is fresh within maybe 5 minutes and he is walking left!!!!
How did I do Delwin?????
Some surfers waiting for the big one...

It was a great walk about 2 hours and then went to a very fancy Mall and bought a few groceries and got home around 2 pm and settled in outside to read for a while and then I started to cook a nice chicken dinner enougth to eat tonight and then enough for left overs tomorrow.

So what is it with the heading of the blog...well around 4pm I turned on the TV found the sports channel and there was just starting a live soccer game from I made some tea found a cookie and sat and watched a great game of football or soccer depending which part of the world you hail from!!!

Well after that finished guess what???   Another live game started and I felt obliged to make more tea and watch that game too.

Well after that finished guess what???  Can you see where this is going ???

YES....another game came on this time I felt obliged not to make tea and have a cookie but I did watch the game......and by 8.30 pm I was gamed out!!!!

Am I a nut or what????

So a lovely day it is good for me to be close to the ocean again.....tomorrow I move about 200 km down the road and have a place to stay for three nights and do some hiking and more beach walking!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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