Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday 12th Arpil 2016...life in the bush!!!

Monday 11th April.
Today was another beautiful day and I think I only woke once when I heard noises outside with Delwin's help I am beginning to recognize certain sounds and associate them with the right animal and I think these noises were from impala....
We were ready to leave on our morning game drive just after 8am and this trip really the animals were hiding I did get a great shot of a male Kudu

....but we did see and hear lots of birds and stopped at one water hole to have coffee and tea and of course rusks!!!
Back at the cottage at around 11.30am and we had a light lunch.
I then went down to the reception area where I was able to post the blog for the last two days and then I got my boots on and did my laps inside the complex I always take my camera and was rewarded with the great shot of a male........after walking I did my laps in the pool and then relaxed on the lounger by the pool..saw many small monkeys and mongoose or is that mongeese or mongi.......just a nice way to spend the afternoon.
New friends Rose and Dave arrived around 5pm and we spent the evening chatting and of course Sonja and Delwin produced another lovely BBQ!!!
So a quiet but very enjoyable day and it is thrilling to be in a place where you have no idea what will be around the next curve in the road.....I am still in awe at this wonderful location it is like 5 star camping in the jungle...Sonja and Delwin have just been so kind to me putting up with all my questions providing me with top quality meals and just so interesting to talk with......

Yashi Kochi!!!

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