Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday 17th April 2016...into the mountains!!!

I had a relaxing and good sleep and was on the road by 9am this morning..the sun was shining and the scenery really nice

The long and not so windy road!!!

If it already was not like Mexico this morning I saw the dreaded Topes (speed bumps)!!!

During the morning I went by this sports field of a small town and had to stop and watch some of my very first live Polo match

Very interesting strategy to the game and those horses get a good workout for sure!!

Around 2pm I arrived at my destination it is on a mountain pass by the Drakensberg Mountains and my room is one of six in a lovely old building which is also a restaurant!!
Interesting name as the owner and chef is how shall i say this very large!!!

My hostess was very welcoming and as you can see the room is quite lovely

Outside my patio door...

also the views pretty cool too..


I am staying here for two nights...for my 50 Canadian dollars a night I get all that you have seen plus a full cooked breakfast and also a load of laundry done for me....I have access to a fridge and kettle...a steal of a deal.
Close by are the Tugela Falls the second highest in the world at 908 mt...but unfortunately there is no water flowing but I will still do a long hike around there tomorrow.
Speaking of hikes after I got settled in I went out of the property towards here

and walked quite a way around very peaceful and lovely but no elephants!!!!!!!

The restaurant is closed tonight so I had fruit, yoghurt and cereal for dinner.

Have to do some more planning before bed.....hope you had a great Sunday!!

If anyone is excited about what I experienced the last seven days this fantastic venture can be yours also...Sonja and Delwin are going ahead with a commercial venture for the bush cottage contact me and I will put you in touch with Delwin for a journey of a life time!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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