Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday 25th April 2016.....the Heads!!!!

This was the view from my bedroom patio this morning at 7.45 am

in the rear of the photo are the two head lands called the east and west heads going out to the ocean and that is where I was going to explore today.....the east heads you drive right up to the look out sights...very impressive

I then found a trail that took me down to the beach and explored a bit down there

 This rock was about 9 inches square and I wished I could have taken with me the colors are so neat amazing what minerals can do!!

Pure and clean rock pool!!
I enjoyed the morning and now it was time to go and explore the west head but because this is in a National Sanctuary the only way to get there is on a guided tour...I am not fond of guided tours but had no option so I paid the 410 Rand and was one of about 16 folks who boarded the boat

There was a very informative Naturalist accompanied us and she had lots of pertinent information one quirky fact she told us was about the sea horse that is only found in these waters and one other place in the world......their life span is about 2 years and strangely enough the male horse has a pouch in his front and the female impregnates the male and he has the babies about 5 -100 every 21 days and then the pattern is repeated!!!
 This is just like a restaurant in Mexico a tree in the way do not cut it down but build around it!!!

We then loaded into this vehicle that slowly took us to the top of the heads were the view was breath taking!!!

 We were told the waters leading into the estuary are one of the third dangerous in the world and in fact Lloyd's of London will not insure vessels that are moored in the bay!!

Then we walked down the path to the beach and caves and a natural arch!!

 This is like a piece of art I really do not have any artistic instincts but this appealed to me I thought it was quite lovely!!
It turned out to be a great almost 3 hour tour which I am glad I opted for......
Home and it gets dark early and a little cool so had a great hot long shower and then some supper and then I ask you is it my fault if England decides to schedule another live soccer game at 9 pm for me to watch????
Tomorrow two hikes are in the works so stay tuned!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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