Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday 20th 2016...a road trip!!

After a really great fresh breakfast this morning I was on the road by 9 am and I had a drive of 400km to my stop for the night in Cradock!!!
The road was mostly like this

Hardly any traffic but I did find out one interesting fact by using my GPS..the speedometer on the car is showing my speed at 100 km when the GPS is showing 90 wonder I am getting a lot of tail gater's I am going too slow!!!
The scenery was beautiful through here with the magnificent sun flowers

I saw a farmer stood at the side gate to his farm and I stopped and asked him what the sun flowers were harvested for and he told me peanut butter and cooking oil!!
I have not see many churches but today saw these two...

I stopped in this town at the information centre and they had a small and educational musuem

Sadly this was not too many years ago.
The things kids do...
I went into a shop in a small village and as I was getting into the car these two little kids walked by and waved to me...I called them over and gave them some gum and the older girl smiled and said thank you I did not want to take their photo up front but sneaked this one, they were adorable!!
This is the kind of tennis court where I know I could beat lines and no net!!!
My first sighting of this critter!!
 I just realized right now that in the above shot the boy is doing a number one..too funny, remember it is my blog and i can do what I want!!!!
I do pass many small road side villages like this..

I was reading last night about the agave plant and how it was introduced to SA..I think this is agave..
Around 3 pm I arrived in Cradock
Hard to see but Cradock is straight above Port Elizabeth......I found my air bnb house for two nights and it is a very old house re done and it is very cute!!!!

 Nice tough fresh flowers!!
A great place to stay whilst I visit the Zebra National park tomorrow...
So the house is 66 Canadian dollars not bad right???

It really is not bad because the 66 dollars is for two nights!!!!

So I had supper and now cooking tomorrow night's supper whilst I write this!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

The dining room is amazing! Your blog rocks.

mexicokid said...

thanks this house is owned by a young guy he has done everything right...and can you believe the price cheers les

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