Saturday, April 02, 2016

Saturday 2nd April 2016...a soccer day!!!

I have not told you but the nights are balmy but I sleep without the air conditioner on and the days are hot over 90 degrees....
Had a good sleep and was up again early as I was being picked up at 6.15am for my morning adventure.
I arrived at the game reserve and signed the usual waiver and with two girls from Norway in the group started my day with a ride on Sondella!1111
I am not an admirer of animals in zoos but this is different as it is a game farm where the animals have been taken out of the wild in order for them to survive for one reason or another and they are only locked up in the night time.....also the company is a leader in animal education and all the staff so very knowledgeable   and I learned so much about the animals ....

Feeding time
Have you ever seen such a look on my face before!!!!!!!!
We were with the elephants for over one hour and I enjoyed the interaction and learning about their habits...
Next we walked to another area of the reserve where it was time to interact with these boys and girls!!!

This is one of three only white lions in Zambia!!!
Adda and Susan came out to interact and have a walk with us...

They are brother and sister and this is Adda....

I just love the look on his face and the way he has his large paws!!!!
The handlers give very good instructions about how to approach the animals and what to do with them and we were told to talk to the lions all the time as we touched them...what a thrill!!!
 Here is a new slant on taking the tiger by it's tail..substitute LION!!!
After a while it was time for a rest!!
Before one more pose and then walking home!!!

Again I learned so much about these magnificent beasts.....
Our final interaction were with the fast cats!!!!!!!

Puts a whole new meaning to "Just taking the dog out for a walk!!!!!"

We were then treated to a show from these incredible animals and their speed which can reach over 110 km per hour!!!!

This was a wonderful and educational 5 hours!!!!
I was brought home in time to watch a live soccer game from England.....followed by a swim in the pool and then Carol the manageress here asked me if I wanted to go to the local market where tourists do not often go and of course I said for sure....
Well this was a huge maze of tiny stalls

 These two kids came up to me and asked me to take their photo..there was no asking for money they just wanted their photo taken and of course afterwards I got them to come look at the shot..we high fived and away they went!!
The market was huge and I was the only white face there and I was stared at a lot but not unfriendly at all and it was nice of Carol to show me a side of her town that I would never have seen.
Luckily I was back home in time to see another live soccer game this time from Spain!!!
So another so so day NOT!!!!!
Happy to report that I can sleep in  because my final activity in Zambia tomorrow does not start till 10am...what is left to do you may be asking?????
Yashi Kochi!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Wow! Now there's a day you'll never forget! Just like yesterday...

mexicokid said...

it seems like I say that every day..thanks les

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