Friday, April 08, 2016

Friday 8th April 2016......well I think it finally happened!!!!!!

Word of advice it would be pertinent to go get a glass or a cup of your favorite beverage and get comfortable in the arm chair this has the beginnings of a long post!!!!
Had a really good sleep and a slow breakfast and checked outside and it was overcast and cool so a perfect day for a road trip.....
I was taking what they call the Panorama Route and I had my stops all worked out and the first one was at the Pinnacle!!!
Pretty amazing just standing there looking over the valley and of course close by was a small waterfall!!
One of the small towns on the way
I know I have said it often but the similarities between this area and towns in Mexico is remarkable....
This guy ran in front of the car and then up a tree
I like the name of the next stop!!!

I think I was at the highest part of the road and the weather was sucking in
but then I started down and the mist cleared and the views became clearer..

All the places that I visited were a 10 Rand charge to get in and all were very well maintained and at each one was rows of stalls

This next stop was an interesting sight and shows the power of Mother nature...

Never quite seen anything like the potholes!!!!

After all the driving miles the last few days it felt like a good time for a hike and I found this trail
It was  well marked  and a pretty trail leading to a small waterfall...

I enjoyed the walk about 5km and then it was off to two waterfalls in one....
these were majestic and powerful and I wish i could have gone to the bottom....

 Another reason and again the same as Mexico to be aware of wildlife on the roads!!!
One thing that I have not seen in abundance is churches...but did pass this one and I wonder if the cow is going or coming from confession!!!

Si I suppose you are wondering my now what the heading of this post meant...."well it finally happened"...well
Those of you who have been following the blog from it's inception 10 years ago know that I have been so blessed to be able to travel to many countries and see vistas that have breath taking and increidble and the Victoria Falls four days ago was proof of that but I think today I have seen the view that did take my breath away and ranks probalby as th best view I have ever seen!!!!  WOW strong words....unfortunately my camera could not provide the total view of the three Rondawels and the Blyde Canyon, the third largest canyon in the world....
This is taken from the Internet!!


Map data ©2016 AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd, Google
Both geological wonders are on the Panorama Route, a highly popular tourist drive to follow when exploring the province, and, depending on which way you choose to drive along the 16 kilometres of the Blyde River Canyon, the Three Rondavels either starts or ends your journey.

Exactly as they sound, the Three Rondavels are three round mountain tops with slightly pointed tops, very similar to the traditional round or oval African homesteads made with local materials called rondavels. They are sometimes also called the Three Sisters (although this confuses them with a similar threesome visible from the N1 in the Free State lower down in the country).

Once known as The chief and his three wives – the flat-topped peak represented Mapjaneng, famous for opposing invading Swazis in a memorable battle is on the right, whilst the rondavels are three of his more troublesome wives – Magabolle, Mogoladikwe and Maseroto.

The view point is spectacular. From here one looks over the canyon to the Three Rondavels on the other side of the northern edges of the Drakensberg range of mountains. An outlook that is overwhelmingly beautiful and deserves more than a moment's respite.

The beautiful to look at formations are explained geographically as the slow erosion of underlying soft stone, leaving the exposed quartzite and shale rondavels at which we marvel. Whatever their origin, they are undoubtedly breathtaking. Together with God's Window and Bourkes Luck Potholes, the Three Rondavels are a highlight of any trip along the third largest canyon in the world.

Hope you enjoy these shots!!!

I found a nice flat rock and sat and just marveled at the sight it should be on everyone's bucket list!!!!
I got home around 5 pm and it was a wonderful day and simply amazing what I saw on the 60 km stretch of road!!!!
Did some more computer work tonight after dinner and now ready for bed but before I go, and you thought the post was finished!!!
I want to tell you about the next 7 days but first some history.
Back in San Miguel every Sunday Pierre and I would meet and usually just the two of us would do a really good long hike and we always had to go over 9000 feet and I know that sounds high but San Miguel sits at 6200 feet.....Pierre is a great man and I like him and his quirky ways...He was born and bred in South Africa and when he knew I was coming to visit he put me in touch by e mail with his cousin Delwin, who lives here and owns a small Safari lodge.
Delwin and I have been exchanging e mails for a few months now and I cannot begin to tell you how much he has helped me with advice on many things including routes and activities for me to do.  he also invited me as a paying guest to join him and his wife and a few other guests at his lodge and that is where I am going tomorrow for 7 days.
I purposely did not ask Delwin any details about the lodge or what to expect I just want to embrace each morning so I cannot tell you what it will be like.
I do know that I think it will be another highlight for me.  I will be without Internet for the whole week so no blog but I will write every day and save it and then post when I return.....if I might suggest if you have some spare time go back into the archives of the blog and pick a year a month a week and read what I did...i do that quite often and enjoy re living the experiences.
Please all of you take good care be safe and I wish you all many blessings......les
Yashi Kochi!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Have a wonderful week ahead, looking forward to reading all about it.

living.boondockingmexico said...

Les, it's overwhelming. The pictures are incredible. What a wonderful planet. You're a lucky man. Sigues posteando las fotos!

Saturday 19th May 2018...Day 44!!!!

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