Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday 12th April 2016....Mission accomplished the BIG FIVE!!!!!

Another beautiful morning in the bush and after some cereal we loaded up our drinks and out the door at 8am on the morning game drive....
We had not gone long before we came across two rhino they were close but moving away and too quickly for me to take a shot.....
Then we came across the pair of buffalo one was taking a mud bath and one had just finished they sure look big and mean!!!!
We always see impala and after our coffee and tea and rusk stop just as we crossed the bridge leading back to the complex gate this huge hippo was relaxing and taking in the world.....
Back at the cottage around 11am when Sonja with some help always fixes a nice and varied and delicious lunch after which when I did the dishes and then went on my walk of the property and this time guess what I found there is also a tennis court here.....unfortunately my camera decided not to work I could not open the lens Delwin will look at it for me tomorrow...did my swimming and then I think I had a nap in the lounger by the pool surrounded by mischievous monkeys!!!
The meaning of the heading of this blog is that you have to come to Africa and see the big five, which are Lion, Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant and leopard.....
I saw a lion In Kruger my first day and the others I have seen with the exception of the leopard....so as we were getting ready to leave on our 4pm game drive I said to Carmen I guarantee you we will see a leopard today and she asked why and I told her because my camera was not functioning!!!
After maybe 5 minute drive we encounted our first herd of elephant and this herd contained a baby and some juveniles......next up was three giraffe, more elephants and then we rounded a curve and there in front of us was another vehicle and the lady is pointing into the bushes and we stopped and we all managed to see if only for a brief glimpse a leopard!!!!
This really is icing on the cake because Delwin tells me they are so elusive....I would not have been able to take a photo even if I did have my camera but we were all so thrilled to end our day with this sighting and with that I complete my big five!!!!!
Another great dinner, wonderful conversation and in bed by 10pm exhausted and happy!!!!
Something special is planned for tomorrow evening and not quite sure when I will post but it promises to be reading to keep you on the edge of your seat!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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