Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Tuesday 4th February 2014….surprise!!!!!

I did not actually lie but just did not tell the whole truth on yesterday's blog…..

Today is my great friend Larry's 70th Birthday party and his beautiful bride is organizing a surprise party for him and I thought it would be neat to surprise them all and come to the party..I could not mention it on the blog as both Gail and Larry read the blog….so I left SMA yesterday morning and it was a 7 hour drive to where I am staying.  Even though it was a holiday yesterday the roads were quiet and the journey uneventful.

I booked an apartment over the internet and it is quite wonderful…it is in a tiny little town next to the town where G & L are staying….it is a bit out of the way and at the top of a huge hill so a car is needed but the casita is so nicely done…check it out and the views!!!!    and all for 35 dollars a day!!!






The view


In the middle of the above shot is a fishing boat


Love the zoom on this camera!!!


You can take the boy out of the sport but you cannot take the sport out of the boy!!!!

They had Sky satellite TV and I knew there was an important soccer game being played in England so……..

laying on the bed watching TV with an ocean view!!!


After the game I packed up some drinks and wanted to go to a small beach that I have known for years and watch the sunset so I did!!!

It got a bit cloudy when I arrived but I enjoyed the three hours of beach walking, people watching, swimming and the sunset!!!






I love to see the kids in the water having fun it reminds me of last year when we brought Paola to the beach for the first time she had such a blast and I spent hours sitting on the beach watching her she would not come out of the surf!!!


The sunset was not spectacular but all the same lovely!!!




Came home and had a turkey dinner that Linda had sent with me yummy!!!!

Then read and did the blog that you read yesterday….sorry for being so devious!!!

So now it is Tuesday morning I had a really good sleep and from the bed I can see the ocean…there is something about the ocean that just makes me feel so good I think all those years I lived in Bermuda surrounded by beautiful surf and sand sticks with me so it is like a pick me up to be here.

After breakfast I packed up a lunch and lots of drinks because it is hot and went on a long hike as I said this casita is way way up on the hill so the hike back here will be good for me….

I went down to the local beach and over the next bluff and found a small beach the locals call the kissing beach as you can see it is very pretty but no one around to kiss!!



Did not think I would get to see a dolphin!!!!


Just a lovely area!!



A couple of good things I realized today…firstly I taped my toes up differently today and instead of wearing my hiking boots I use my cross trainers and my feet felt like they were in slippers so much better…the other thing I found out was on the hike back about 3 km and all uphill at least 1200 feet of elevation I went up without stopping without breathing heavy…altitude makes such a difference so me training in San Miguel at 6200 feet will do me well on the Camino when the highest point I shall reach is 4700 feet.


I got back in the middle of the afternoon showered and changed and just turned on the TV and there was my boyhood team, my very favorite team, the team I so wanted to play for …so I had to sit and watch the game….and they actually won!!


and around 3pm went to Gail and Larry’s and Surprise!!!!!

They were so shocked and happy to see me and it was great to meet new friends and friends I had not seen for a long time I guess the photos tell that we all had a good time including the Birthday boy!!!!!




Gail and Larry!!


and daughter Kim!!!

It was a really special occasion and well worth the drive…Happy Birthday big boy!!!!

Now home after a wonderful day….blessings les!!!!

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